Bravery under fire: New Zealand SAS


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Victoria Cross recipient ... Corporal Willy Apiata of the New Zealand Special Air Service.

New Zealand's Corporal Willy Apiata has been conferred with the Victoria Cross in a ceremony this morning at Government House in Wellington.

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Some 13 years onfrom the OP, I have a recollection (doubtless coloured by time) of the final selection for NZ SF. I was in Singapore and in the company of Bill L. He had the distinction of still having a price on his head from the Indonesian Confrontation and was, by any distinction, a hard man. We sat, with a Tiger or two to hand, looking out over a swamp. The surface was disturbed and, gradually emerging, the finalists of the final tab. Forgive an old bloke his faulty memory, but a bergan, an M60 over the top of it and a full Jerry can in each either hand was the burden. Not quite the way we go about it but, c’mon, a demonstration of intent and determination sans pariel.
Waking up memories is a bitch. For them that don’t know, the NZ Inf have 2bns; 1and 2 Bns the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. I’m not suggesting selective postings but the 1st Bn seemed crewed by blokes called Cameron or MacDonald and the 2nd by blokes with names like Matakitoga you can make your own call.
Muster parade in Sembawang was both an education and an opportunity. Bn muster. An inf Bn whose order of Dress was boots, puttees shorts, beret and SLR. Now, I’m six foot ish and felt totally inadequate taking Post in the the midst of a Haka. (Don’t ask me about playing rugby against them.)
But, the most seminal appreciation of the NZDF came as dusk settled over Sembawang and the Maori choir sang. Haunting harmonies, driving rhythms and a sense of deep conviction all combined to make it one of the most moving experiences of my life. (Second only to the reopening of the Sarajevo opera house and the Mozart Requiem Mass of 1995).
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but a bergan, an M60
Except for Victor and Whisky Companies in Vietnam I thought the Kiwis used the GPMG. I went down to 1 RNZIR at Dieppe Barracks in 1986 while on Ex Orang Hutan in Pulada while attached to 6 GR in Hong Kong. They were a good bunch of lads, especially the NZ Ord guys at Terror.

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