Bravery, Celebrities, Politicians - Whats the purpose?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frenchperson, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. To advance the status and careers of the celebrities involved

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  2. To show sincere thanks for the bravery of the non-celebrities

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  3. Both of the above

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  4. To try to ensure John Reid is the next Prime Minister

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  1. John Reid, Tony Blair, Prince Charles, Kylie Minogue, Helen Mirren, the Beckhams, the Osbournes and many others appeared on our boxes in the 'Pride of Britain Awards' this evening. According to the blurb in my paper, it was to 'Salute non-celebrity bravery'. Now I personally think that's a very poor summing up of the reason for staging such an event, and at the risk of being cynical, I'd say the brave souls involved are being totally patronised. Most of the people appearing, from Carol Vorderman, all the way down to John Reid, have their own personal and very selfish reasons for attending i.e. to push their own careers, to stay in the public eye, to keep in line for knighthoods, awards and to gain free publicity. It's an appalling and sickening spectacle all round. You could cut the mock-sincerity with a knife. OBEs all round....
  2. It's also very cheap to produce. No outside filming, no extras and no script writers to pay. Probably only one cameraman as well.
  3. What a totally bizarre statement! :\\ Is celebrity bravery more commonplace and different from the non-celebrity sort? That comment feels very 'Team America' - F.A.G.
  4. Frenchman
    I agree with the perception of backslapping that this sort of "do" gives perhaps the format should be more police or other agency driven, taking the celebs out of the frame?
  5. But then who would take the slightest notice? At least this celebrity staffed event you'll get punters watching and the more perceptive will over look the narcissistic, bloated, self opinionated z-listers and look in to some of the stunning acts of selflessness and bravery.
  6. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    More a reflection of the cynicism that the cult of celebrity has driven us to. Probably started with noble intentions and the celebs involved will be doing it for noble-ish intentions, but with one eye on their own public exposure. Stand fast HRH who has a better sense of duty.
  7. What celeb bravery? Did I miss something?
    True, cheap b0ll0cks!
  8. Shame to see Mirren's name on the list, I'd have thought she would of had the savvy to side step that one.
    Still, that's what comes with becoming a dame, another step she should have avoided.
    Never saw or even heard of the show myself. I'm sure that some of the brave ordinary folk deserved a bloody good round of applause but their deeds where obviously being used for other purposes.

    Some people want to use you, some people want to be abused.
  9. I suppose this was drawn up to give self-publicity opportunity to those who cannot dance/prance about in front of that pratt Brucie.
    I think the greatest celebrity when it comes to things like this is the guy who invented the remote control for TV.