Discussion in 'Gunners' started by goatbagthedruid, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. Are we getting AS90 Braveheart?? Has it been canned?? Has it been put on hold?? I canot find out.

    Am sure it would be useful to engage En further out.

  2. Arrgh, GBTD how the devil? long time no see, what you up to nowadays?

    BAE SYSTEMS has been awarded a contract to upgrade 96 of the British Army AS90's with a 155mm/52 calibre Extended Range Ordnance/Modular Charge System (ERO/MCS). The Royal Ordnance division of BAE SYSTEMS will manufacture the new 52 calibre barrel which will give an increased range of 40km, and Somchem division of Denel will be responsible for the Modular Charge System which will be manufactured in South Africa. The upgraded AS90s were expected to enter service in 2003, but the programme has been halted while a system study is conducted.

    AS90 has also test fired the new Denel Assegai family of 155mm ammunition which has completed development and includes a Velocity Enhanced Long-range Artillery Projectile (VLAP).

    For more info check this link out

    My question is would they fit in the Gun Parks?
  3. GBTD
    The simple answer is no for the moment, the focus of spending is on LIMAWS rocket and new projectiles.
  4. Many thanks bomblet my old friend - hope the socks have arrived! Thought Braveheart was still on the cards.

    However, will LIMAWS gun (if we get it) have a 52 calibre ordnance?? Or are the powers that be obsessed with rockets which probably cost more and can produce sexy "media friendly" TV clips??

    Are the Gunners becoming more "Woosh" and less "Bang" (sounds like a new topic!) ;)

    Am sure they could be squeezed in CHE somewhere - we would never see them. Mind you, there would have to be one or two available for dvr trg as the ordnance is chuffing huge - so somewhere at Bovy then?