Brave Man Shot in the head twice

Well done "Johny" you deserve an award and a large pension.
I agree a brave man and would like to add that he seems to be a fine soldier.... but to put up a heading of "Shot in the head twice" is pushing the truth a little far. Spectacular eye catching headlines like that is as bad as the tabloids strange definition of 'truth'.
Not just brave, but a credit to the regiment. Well done and a speedy recovery from your wounds.

Well done indeed!. He certainly deserves recognition.
Real courage. Hope he gets the VC!
eveyuk said:
I wonder if his vision is ok now.
Well if the report is right and he remained on duty, you'd have hoped his vision wasn't too impared.... or are we really that thin on the ground in Afghanistan that we can't let the injured have time to recuperate?
Gurkha up for medal
By Rupert Hamer Defence Correspondent
A HERO soldier carried on battling against the Taliban in Afghanistan despite being shot TWICE in the head.

Gurkha rifleman Nabin Rai, 23, who is being put forward for a bravery medal, was hit in the eye as he fired his machine-gun at insurgents who were trying to overrun his base.

A bullet then smashed into his helmet, knocking him to the ground, but stayed at his post - and carried on shooting.

His courageous stand came as his base in Nowzad in Afghanistan's lawless Helmand Province was surrounded by Taliban. In a 10-day battle Nabin and 30 of his comrades fought off wave after wave of attacks - with the Taliban getting within 20 metres of their camp.

"A bullet hit the sight of my machine-gun," said Rifleman Rai from Camp Bastion, the main British base in Helmand. "It broke up but fragments went into my right eye. The Taliban were deliberately targeting the machine-gun but I continued to fire the weapon. I was in a Sangar, a fortified outpost. A comrade noticed that I was bleeding from my eye, but we had to keep fighting as the Taliban were getting closer.

"Eventually a doctor treated the wound, taking out some of the bullet fragments, but not all. I went back to my post and continued firing. The Taliban were pouring in fire towards us so I got my second weapon, which is a mini machine-gun, and fought on with that.


"A bullet hit me in the helmet and knocked me down for a second but I leant over the Sangar and continued firing with the mini machine-gun."

Several Victoria Crosses are expected to be awarded to troops in Helmand. Nabin's commander, Major Dan Rex, 34, said: "Rifleman Rai was exposed to enemy fire throughout. We had a good fight. Everyone performed superbly."

The platoon was eventually relieved. Doctors removed the remaining bullet fragments from Nabin's eye and he is still serving in Helmand. Rifleman Baren Limbu, 22, who fought alongside Nabin, may also be put forward for an award. A source from the 2nd Battalion, The Gurkha Rifles, confirmed: "The men showed extraordinary bravery. We expect they will be publicly recognised."

good little jonny.
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