Brave IDF paratroopers guard wildlife

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jul 9, 2007.

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  2. Did they find Alan Johnston whilst they were at it? :twisted:
  3. Everything in that region has some sort of significance. No matter how petty, a fight could break out over anything.
  4. You'll forgive me if I do my own bolding, Sergey. It rather puts the matter into perspective.
  5. Don't knock it - rumour had it that the local part-time (sorry, casual labour) branch of THEM did an OP exercise or two in the 1990s which involved protecting osprey nests.

    It would please me no end to discover that a prospective egg-thief or two got a kicking as a result.
  6. At last the IDF have done something which I agree with.

    They couldn't spare an Armoured Infantry company just to pop by and sort out a wasps' nest in my mum's loft could they? Its just that dad's not as young as he used to be, and I'm a bit tied up for the next few weekends.
  7. Rumour also has it that 2 of the same lot (artist rifles?) were tasked to spot crop circlers (cerealologists to you) in the act down Wiltshire way and apparently failed to observe the two old gaffers responsible for most of the Pewsey Downs artwork at work. Could it be the same two 'rabbit hunters' spotted enjoying many pints of Wadworth down at the Barge Inn* the evening before?

    *This PH was considered the mecca for the cerealologists at the height of the fuss. I spent many happy summer afternoons dangling out of aircaft on the hunt for aliens and what not around those parts, before refreshing myself at this fine waterside pub.
  8. If they did nothing, some people would be moaning about how they didn't protect an endagered species.
  9. Oh for fcuk sake sergey - what is your bloody obsession with Jews / Israel? Almost every thread you post!

    All your friends made aliyah to the sun and you're stuck in the motherland by any chance? Shame...
  10. Nothing wrong with this. Protection of rare species is important, the British Forces pour hundreds in to this very pursuit.

    Besides, who wouldn't grin at the thought of a section of drunken Infantry types being shipped in to deal out a beating to an abuser of dogs, or cats, or even kids.

    That's what would happen if I ruled the world, that would learn them.
  11. I posted 100% positive message about heroic IDF and again it is wrong?
  12. Haha , Bollox Sergey, and you know it.