Brave decision Sir, very brave

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Flip_Flop_the_Gog, Jan 23, 2004.

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  1. Lt Col Cowan's decision to speak to the Scotsman is certainly a very "brave decision"

    Range Officer Barry Buddon will be his next posting. Somebody had to say it but is it right for a Comd Offr to speak to the press, do you think it was sanctioned???

    Interesting he said it as he wasn't the Comd Offr during the actual war, he has moved on with DSO attached.
  2. "If you believe there is a chance of peace, then you should not be preparing all-out for war."

    What rubbish. Sad to see political tw*ts talk out their arse on both sides of the Atlantic.
  3. Moonie is a fat Scots twat who often talks drivel.

    This is the man who, on the Today programme, was being interviewed about the crap accommodation our troops were putting up with in Afghanistan. The interviewer said that several senior officers had complained that the reason for the 'Flintstones' set up was MoD penny-pinching. Fatman replied that he would not wish the troops (the RM at the time), to be too comfortable, 'otherwise they won't want to go and fight'.

    Whilst he undoubtedly drew on his own vast military experience to make his comment, I wonder if he would have said it face to face with Royal...

    It is the same man who visited my unit in Oman. Prior to his arrival we were briefed not to mention desert boots to him. He arrived wearing a new pair of issue desert boots, but told a soldier who asked why they hadn't been issued that they were considered unnecessary for the Omani autumn!
  4. The man wasn't brave, he was either stupid or realised he was going nowhere and had made the decision to go anyway. Come on, don't get sympathetic get cynical, its the only way to be!
  5. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Could be something to do with the fact that they were all briefed not to whinge or face a lifetime of duties on return to Blighty. :evil:
  6. Makes a change for any relatively senior officer (allbeit fairly low ranking in this case) to speak out about anything remotely controversial. They normally seem to wait until just after they have retired, gained knighthood, directorship of large defence contractor etc etc before they develop any kind of moral courage. :idea:
  7. Oooh - you cynical devil Ethel!

    And, from the above quoted news link: "concerns were raised at the time and were then "pooh-poohed" by the MoD"

    Never, ever, ignore a pooh-pooh!

  8. Might have something to do with the RSM and the RP's standing of to one side shaking their heads in a suggestive manner!!

    Good on him, at least he has been able to show, along with the RSM, the courage of his convictions and that he is not willing to stand by and see bullshit about his jocks being spread by the MoD and the lies about equipment shortages and the general admin snafu at the start of Telic being perpetuated.

    It is a shame that more senior officers do not possess the same level of honesty, integrity and morale courage.
    Not a "very brave decision" at's the CO's responsibility to act in the interests of a) the fighting capability of his unit and b) (a close second) the interests of the men under his command...If that requires talking to the press, then so be it (and fcuk the rules)...

    More "ballz" please...