Brave Coppers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. I'm not always a fan of our quota-filling, frequently petty Labourised guardians, but came across this while flicking through the local rag:

    I bet the guy in bold reads Arrse, so well done him/you.
  2. Well done to the cops - hope they get a commendation from His Honour
  3. I bet they would prefer a pint and some clean underwear!
  4. True, those guys didn't sound like your normal east end blaggers either.
  6. Feck me! "2 Mac10 machine pistols and 6 handguns"

    Serious firepower. Are we getting like the US?

    Well done the coppers for taking them on. Brave indeed.
  7. Well done guys. good to see a positive story for a change.
  8. Good drills PC Brodie. You deserve many pints as well as a commendation from the head shed.

  9. To these coppers I can only say - gentlemen, it is now Beer O' Clock!

    Good Drills, lads! :D
  10. Well done fellas.

    But remember. You dont deserve your pay increase :roll:
  11. as one is called Tracey I think that should read gentlemen and ladies........
  12. £300,000 in cash ? Bet the poor crims are gutted for losing that !
  13. My Bad! :oops:
  14. well it may be a bloke called Tracey ..........
  15. Tut tut..Why weren't they out there catching heinous litter louts instead of
    arresting real criminals. They'll never make the gobments targets that way :roll: whatever next :?
    Seriously...........Good on em!! :D