Brave burglar? Braver judge.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. Hopefully the CPS will appeal the sentence.


    Hopefully, Jarrod who lives near that neck of the woods will kick in the back door of the Judge.
  2. Amen to that, it takes an enormous amount of physical and moral courage to break into someone's house while they're not in and help yourself to their property instead of manning up, knuckling down and working to pay for the material goods you've decided you're entitled to.


    Edit: Apparently his victims were home, but sleeping. Oh well, this changes everything. He obviously has balls of steel and deserves a ****ing medal.
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  3. That seems fair enough. How much more courage does it take to defend your family and property from a thief, knowing that the police and CPS will stitch you up like a kipper, and if the thief's friends and family decide to harrass you from then on, the same police will probably give you a crime number?

    I wonder how sympathetic the judge would be if it was his house, or his daughter/son's house that was ransacked? Or indeed if it was Cameroon/Clegg/Miliband's house, would he be allowed the same expression of solidarity with the courageous burglar, or would the brave man be banged up for a while?
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  4. Before drawing the keys to the outrage bus, please remember:


    It is therefore almost certainly skewed, out of context or completely fabricated bollocks.
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  5. Well, here's hoping some 'brave' burgler breaks into Judge Fucktards house and twats him over the head.
  6. Judge talks bollocks defence lawyer buys rounds in bar going how the **** did I win that one news at 10
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  7. Lets not forget that Cameroon/Clegg/Miliband all live within a protective bubble of 24 hour police protection, and are thus insulated from the effects their law making/policies have on the rest of society.

    It is time judges of this cnut's persuasion were removed from their influential position which does nothing to protect society.
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  8. Given some of the interesting decisions by judges over the years it wouldnt surprise if this was truthful.

    People like mlud are in a lovely position to make these choices which ultimately wont affect them; private gated estate as a residence ???

    Arrse too slow with the typing
  9. Forgot to add the judge is a rude word for lady parts.
  10. This is why large dogs who are always slightly hungry and/or angry are useful sleeping in the kitchen.

    Mine gets well pissed off if woken up at early O'clock :)

  11. Tyson! Put him down!