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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. The Telegraph published this Leader in response to their main story(in full here: )

    Brave and British

    Anyone seeking a more profound understanding of what it truly means to be British need look no further than the gripping tale we publish today from the front line of the war in Afghanistan, of how a young corporal in the British Army saved the life of a badly injured colleague under fire.

    Lance Corporal Oliver "Teddy" Ruecker, of B Company, the Royal Anglians, was on patrol in the bitterly contested town of Sangin when he and his companions were ambushed by a group of heavily armed Taliban.

    After his Viking armoured vehicle took a direct hit, L/Cpl Ruecker rescued a badly injured colleague while a furious onslaught of bullets passed inches from his face.

    "That's what you do, that's your job," he phlegmatically explained when the ordeal was over. "It's like fixing a car for a mechanic."

    For much of the public, the British Army's military offensive in the southern province of Helmand has become the forgotten war.

    But as Thomas Harding, our defence correspondent, has shown in his exclusive series of front-line dispatches over the past 10 days, incredible feats of courage and bravery are being performed on an almost daily basis as our young Servicemen and women put their lives on the line for Queen and country.

    As in most wars, the majority of our casualties are barely out of their teens. Many of them come from deprived backgrounds and, had they not volunteered to serve, would probably have ended up, like so many of their peers, wasting their lives in petty criminal activity or worse.

    But, when placed in situations of unimaginable danger - as happens almost daily in the bitter war to subjugate the Taliban in Afghanistan - where all they have to rely upon is their innate sense of courage and duty, these brave young soldiers never fail to do their country and their comrades proud. This is the quintessence of Britishness.
  2. Excellent
  3. What a bloke, F##KING amazing story, gives you pride in some of the youth of today.
  4. Well done that man
  5. Outstanding, hope he gets the VC.
  6. No brainer - VC
  7. Immense!!! and makes us all Proud to be British... You can shove quantity every time when replaced by the Quality of the British Tom on the ground... Well Done that man!!!
  8. Well done Lance Corporal Ruecker and well done Thomas Harding in making the point that similiar acts of bravery are being carried out nearly every day out there.

    A brave, professional soldier - my utmost admiration for him, and all who serve with him. Safe passage to them all.
  9. A credit to his parents and his County.

    Well done.
  10. Brings a tear of pride to the eye.
  11. The dogs b*llocks, well done that man.
  12. Makes you proud to be British, Good news to hear esp when the 150th to die in Iraq was killed on the same day his colleague was buried and 8 Royal Welsh were hurt in Afghanistan.
  13. Now thats what you call a hero.
  14. Politicians take note!Great news from the front that young men working in very extreme circumstances can do their duty no matter what is thrown at them.It is a great pity that they cannot take better care of the other hero's who have come back wounded and maimed.Well done that young man we are all proud of you.