Bratwurst and Gyros vs. doner and burgers

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by themaadone, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. Right, as a lover of food and beer... or should I say beer making me hungry - I love my Gyros with tzaziki and currywurst and chips.

    Sick of Doner (and I was given a cold one once as well) and especially greasy joe´s burgers!!!

    Ahhhh.... WARSTEINER, but that is an entirely different (and serious) subject!

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  2. The Doner is the bastrad of quick delcious food, it is grabage meet sitting on a damn hook catching who knows what. I would have to go with a hamburger of the grill, which is England they seem to have no understanding of placing a bbq grill in thier kitchen, then I would have to choose a bavrian smokey of the grill as well.

    Cheers 2CB
  3. Gyros, mit zatziki and 2 gren chilis and Pommes Mayo. Bottle of cold.

    Food of the gods.

    I have been known to do a Frikadelle or two mit zenf when pished.
  4. Gyros, scharf sauce and pommes - spot on!
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  5. Gyros v Doner.... Bratwurst & Currywurst v Burger..... Totaly No contest!

    Gyros and Bratties Food of the Gods..... Doner and Burgers food of the Chav!
  6. Gyros and bratties. No contest.

    Why some enterprising ex-squaddie never set up a brattie stand in a garrison town is totally beyond me; he'd make a mint!

    Bratvurst und Frittes und kurrysorce bitte!

  7. Yep no contest, Gyros mit pommes und tzaziki, fcuking awesome snap, currywurst for a quick snack between alehouses Gyros to take to bed.

    Donner kebabs smothered in Garlic sauce only if completely w*nkered and no other snap house open.
  8. Mahlzeit!

    Currywurst und Pommes Weiss fur mich bitte. Danke sehr Schatzi.

    Wievel? Scheiss! Fick das fur ein Soldatenspiel!

  9. I feel the Bratties and Gyros win hands down! However, i know of at least two places where there were shops set up but for some unknown reason folded. One was in Blandford (Tony Freudenfeldt, ex R Sigs?) and one in Warminster (closed about four years ago?) Seems we might be in a minority! Mine's a currywurst anytime any place anywhere! (P.S. I'm not gay, just in case siome of you got the wrong idea!)
  10. Used to be able to by frozen packs of Gyros from Lidals.(I know its spelt wrong). Dont know if they still do.Luvely Jubley.
  11. Warsteiner? NOOOO!!! VELTINS all the way.

    Gyros is heavenly food. Demmit, I miss it. Thanks for reminding me of Gyros with Pommes and Tzatziki and Currywurst. :D
  12. There used to be a place on the Chatham/Rochester road in the mid eighties, they tried running it as a resturant rather than a schnell imbis, overpriced the nosebags and shut down due to lack of interest!!!

    They were on a loser anyway, even back then Chatham was full of kebab chomping dole happy chaves.
  13. What does "imbis" mean >?
  14. If there was anything more heavenly on ex than an egg banjo between grease and oil stained fingers it would have to be one of Wolfgang's bratties. Fluck knows how he kept finding us when we were supposed to be tac but I'm damn glad he did! Kebabs and burgers just don't compare!
  15. A "BITE"