Brat Camp

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. Poor Dears: misunderstood by their parents and society at large.

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  2. A tough solution to a tough problem

  3. Way too goddamn easy: they really need to suffer

  4. Public execution is too good for the repellent little feckers

  1. Someone mentioned 'Brat Camp' on another thread. The lovely Mrs chickenpunk is a big fan of this, probably because she gets great satisfaction revelling in the misfortune of others (it's why I married her :D ). I on the other hand, sit in front of the TV, notionally beating the spoilt, idle, cretinous, obnoxious, pathetic, spazzoid, lame, gangrenous, anal-wart covered fuckwits with a pickhelve, before kneecapping them with a sawn-off twelve bore; and that's just the parents, Christ knows what I would do to the kids if I got my hands on them.
  2. I coudnt agree more, surely thats what we need here! We could set up an internment facility on Orford Ness headed up by CP and staffed by the disaffected Arrse regulars, where we take it in turns to make the little darlings world a living hell.
    Volunteers? :D
  3. I'm in.

    What gets at me is that these are all, pretty well off kids.

    Look at that 15 year old jail bait, Gemma?. Now I wouldn't say no to her but she lives in a mansion, witha Jag on the front. Gets £150 per fortnight but still shoplifts and can't think of a reason why she's not spoilt!!! And has been asked to leave 3 schools on a bad note. My Mrs who is ex private/public school says that this would mean she has been to private schools as they don't actually expell you from such places.

    Can't wait to see her break.

    Nor that little sh*t who called his dad a retard for buying the wrong maccy D burger!!! Easy way to cure that little problem.

    Roll on Tuesday, I've got the nachos and beer ready!!! Scream little piggies!!! Well, at least break down and cry for your mummy :twisted:

    "If she really loved me she'd pull me out!" weeps one, referring to his mum. No she wont you little sh1t, you're going to stay in Utah and get bummed by Wayne the Red Neck.

    The only thing I wonder is how far away are we from a live channel 4 special of the "Battle Royale" variety?
  4. Isn't Orford Ness a tourist area? Why subject law abiding ramblers, twitchers etc to revolting, ill mannered, badly brought up louts? Sned them to a desert island until they have learnt to behave properly. I heard a lady in a lcoal shop the other day say she would not go on a bus because of the schoolchildrens' behaviour. The new Met commissioner should be addressing this issue - not worrying about middle class morons who want to stick powder up their noses at dinner parties.
  5. Gah! It's on channel four, so this exile can't watch it!!! Anyone feel like taping it or DVD (preferably) recording it & mailing me the tape/dvd please??? Pretty please?? Oh, go on!!! I'll even send you the DVD to record it on!!! 8)
  6. You sad person! Haven't you got enough to do with kitties and a gun collection to look after?
  7. [quote="Poppy I heard a lady in a lcoal shop the other day say she would not go on a bus because of the schoolchildrens' behaviour. The new Met commissioner should be addressing this issue - not worrying about middle class morons who want to stick powder up their noses at dinner parties.[/quote]

    Poppy we are working quite hard from that and have a large unit, Transport OCU, set up about two years ago that does nothing else (they are the coppers who drag people of the buses for not paying their fares etc, the group who the Evening Standard keeps moaning about)

    As for middle class cocaine users, well why should the lower classes be prosecuted and the middle classes left alone? I am quite up for nicking stock brokers for doing charlie, they after all pay for the misery that the people of Lambeth live in. The more society goves you, the bigger your moral obligation to conform to its laws.

    Anyway back on track. If Orford Ness is to picturesque for you may I suggest sunny woolich?

  8. Trotsky I am not against middle class peeps getting prosecuted for coke use - just when we haven't got enough cops they should concentrate on the stuff which affects most peoples' lives eg muggings, sexual assaults, robbery and burglary. The government should be giving money for more police officers and reducing the bureaucracy for each crime which is reported. Having read the interview in the Sunday Times with Blair I can see his point of view - he is looking at the wider picture - but it will be a long job to stop stuffers and swallowers from dying to bring coke to the rich people of Britain. Giving the poor sods some hope of a good life in their own country would be a start, and more awareness training of the global problem in the UK. I know coke use is far from a victimless crime, and object strongly to the sort of scum at the top of the tree who make millions out of it.
  9. You're right Poppy, it is a tourist site now, but theres plenty of room for the Bill Oddie Brigade to shuffle or twitch or do whatever it is they get up to, while we make use of the old bunkers and magazines. A double perimeter fence of chainlink and razorwire, a few watch/MG towers, and there you have it, welcome to "The Arrse Detention Centre"
    It would be a long commute to a desert island, so I thought that after a hard day of beating juveniles with bamboo canes and broom handles, Chickenpunk, Shortfuze and MDN etc might like to get home to the bosom of their loving families. (or any other bosoms on offer. :D )
  10. Sorry trotsky, but that is utter sh1te!

    Of what significance is the amount of stuff you have on your moral obligation to conform to societies laws? Should it not be the case that no matter HOW much we have, we ALL have the same moral obligation to conform to the laws. Or are you slightly jealous of those with more than you (sounds like a socialist idea to me :twisted: )

  11. how about the falklands.
    obivious place for a prison colony.
    nobody get a ticket home until they can prove they can live in civillisation.
    for instance after 6 months they get a chance at doing the choggis jobs if they can't hack that another 6 months in the tented prison camp repeat till they suceed or get fed to the elephant sealsj(':twisted:'
  12. When the North Sea oil and gas reserves start drying up we'll have plenty of oil rigs we could use. Stick 'em on the thing, they only come off when they jump off. Coast guard scoop 'em out and they should be sorted. Or at least terrified of going back!!!!
  13. An old cliche, and I've only seen one programme (episode 1), but I do blame the parents. Seems to me that the 'liitle darlings' lack discipline and moral fibre which should primarliy come from the parents.

    Maybe I'm just getting old, as I can remember when all of this was fields :roll:
  14. Disapline starts at home, yes these little darlings are nothing but a pain in the arrse but surely their parents should be included in this sort of thing - sort them out at the same time as their kids.

    No I don't have any myself but my sisters kids are fcuking monsters until they are left alone with me, I'm considered somewhat dictatorial but even handed. I've never had/want to give them a lifting but just the thought of me being nasty changes their attitude somewhat.

    Lilly livered policies by the government and interference fromthe bleeding hearts has and will continue to cause this sort of attitude in kids. There used to be an establishment called Borstal Scool, bring it back.

    Rant, Rant, Rant
  15. I couldn't agree more, bring back borstal!
    When i was at boarding school they knew how to discipline us- Cold showers, early morning runs and cleaning the toilets with a toothbrush! (all true i'm afraid, although the cold showers was probably down to the 18th century plumbing) And we loved it as well, made real men out of us and prepared us to go and help run the empire, then that went so now us public school types don't know what to do with ourselves, ho hum. :cry: