Brassards to you son

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dogs_bollox, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know if the old brassards that I remember that held half a dozen pens and pencils are still about ? I assume they died when epaulettes disappeared with the S95 kit. I'm still using my old 60 patt DPM and OG smocks ! They were feckn useful - especially as a left hooker (NOT footer jokers).

  2. Thanks for that but the ones I'm looking for are much guccier than that. (Sorry, Ally).

    That listing you gave has the word 'cadet' in it.......................

    Mine were 70's issue with individual sleeves for each pencil and a pocket for a rule covered by a flap and in that lovely, proper DPM that was pale and made out of bullet-proof cotton.

  3. As stated above, the other firm with the "C" word in it, has the item you require: Linky Thing

    May I commend your attention to the fact that now CS95 has no shoulder fixings for these things, the only people that will wear them are Cadets! This being because we have to work with some of the older stuff, yes I know in some cases it's better, but we also have been told we have to identify a four foot two cadet as a cadet from 1500m!

    I mean come on Terry - how many forces in the world have twenty or more midgets in one unit? Most of my cadets make Gurkhas look tall!

    D_B I suggest you may have to swallow your pride and accept something that is now on sale to cadets as they are still wearing old kit like you :D
  4. have one in my cupboard :D
  5. Not meant to be too disparaging about cadets - just don't want to be confused with one as I'm vertically challenged :wink:

    Nowt wrong with cadets, a lot of them end up signing up. T'was one meeself. BUT the brassard they offer now is not much cop and won't look like the 60 and 68 patt smocks I still wear. If you don't know the sort I meant then you are too young my friend ! It was a quality bit of kit. The sort of quality that you wouldn't have ever seen if you signed up after about '83/'84. Those were the days.......................

  6. Why not get yourself down to your local army surplus shop, purchase a 68 pattern smock, and get someone to make you one?
  7. Does this smock you mention not have pockets for your pencils? Are your ears funny shapes and won't hold pencils firmly? Seems a lot of fuss to go to for a pencil...

    Look at the havoc you've caused already... ;)
  8. In the days of JHW, I acquired a sew on patch thing for pens and pencils. Put it on the older jersey that I used to use for ops and exercises, along with a subdued rank badge rather than the No2 dress ones we usually wore.
    My Troop WO took one look and said something along the lines of 'We don't do things like that in this Regiment' which I took as a kind of hint that he didn't want to see it again!
  9. Sorry D-B misunderstood, erm, your best bet would be somewhere like a a theatrical costumier or historical militaria shop. I know the old stuff is the better stuff (I miss the buttons on the belt hoops made life a lot easier!)
  10. Sorry DPM brassard pen holder and Gucci in the same sentance ???

    Not only is that so retro its whigfield, its also a oxymoron
  11. No thats cause it looked gay smallheed :wink:
  12. Thanks for your input Welly, I can only put it down to the fact that you are delirious from lack of sleep due to the new sprog.
    Next time I want your opinion I'll beat it out of you.
    Bet you wouldn't have to work hard to guess who the TSM in question was?!
  13. Oh I dunno ? Was it the one that took a disliking to your avatar on T Shirts perhaps ?
  14. My apologies for starting this thread.

    More so since I have found my old brassard in the attic whilst looking for something else in my old aircrew holdall .