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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by roseandpose, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. a (If you like're gay)

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  2. b (hmmmm..)

  3. c (now you're talking)

  4. d (Heeellllooooo baby)

  5. e (well done madam)


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  1. Is it just me.......

    Regular sex is OK but.... you know....a tw@ is a tw@

    **** is the way forward.

    Especially "Rocco type" punish them.

    Whilst I'm on...B cup tits......Whatever. If you can't be bothered to have D plus then quite frankly you're not trying.
  2. Front hole for babies, back hole for pleasure - now shut the fcuk up and bite the kin pillow if it hurts bitch!
  3. Saturday evening, the seventhth Guinness.

    I think I'd rather have a whisky and clip the toenails, but I'm of a certain age.
  4. CNM..well said that man. " Make a note Darling..I want to use that more in conversation"
  5. Thats what i keep telling my bloke, but he still refuses to let a strap on anywhere near his arrse :lol:
  6. And rightly so.

    **** involving the male exit door in any capacity should be reserved for Gay haunts, prisons and CO's CR Interviews.
  7. Absolutley have to agree with R&P :twisted:

    Bumps - I think you are missing the point! 8O

    My last CO's interview was a bitch!!!
  8. Hang on.. this is a thread about tits and it's at the bottom of the page!!

    Come on! Dammit where's CR when you need him!?!
  9. Dunno what the fuss is about ****, tried it, didn't like it.......couldn't sit down for a couple of days mind !
  10. Are you suggesting that CR is a TIT? :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Anyway he is off playing soldiers somewhere Scottish!!.

    Tits and **** sex...A matelots dream.....

  11. Or a bad day in Bangkok

    Agree with Davros on this one, this thread shouldn't really be slipping down the page!
  12. personally i think that any guy who prefers **** sex is a frustrated homosexual. you've got a lovely wet pink hole there, but you would rather use something identical to what a bloke has? it's plain wrong.

    i also maintain that anybody who has no problem finding girls who let him do it... is smaller than average in the girth department :)
  13. With you on this one mate. I did try a bit of back-door-action on a couple of girls, liked the thrill because it was a bit 'taboo'. But your'e right - stick to what nature intended, and try and hit the 'G' spot for her - she'll love you for ever.
  14. I remember one girl wanted to get a little kinky and try sex in the other hole for a change but I refused point blank! "F*ck off!" I said "You might get pregnant!"