Brass plate in Bar with GR

Is there one in the Offr's Mess bar at Larkhill?

Didn't it use to be a tradition?

We surveyed this plaque as part of our advanced survey course in 92. 57 Bty surveyors also did the one in the old RAGTE mess in Hohne. A common tasking for bored RA surveyors. Made a change from lining up tents!!!
They all disappeared when the bar moved across the room a few years ago. A great shame IMHO. Still waiting for the first SPGR confirmation spot on the current bar.....
Wouldn't it be a great recruiting plan: a brass plate in every pub in the UK with 'Royal Artillery' and the GR on it...
There's one in the lounge bar of The Bustard - probably a bit too close to, "home," for recruiting, though.
Serious question: What's 'GR'? .....grid reference, George Rex, ... ?

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