Brass plate in Bar with GR

Is there one in the Offr's Mess bar at Larkhill?

Didn't it use to be a tradition?

I think there used to be one in the Sgts Mess many moons back. The only place I have seen it since is the Buck Inn, Richmond North Yorkshire.
We surveyed this plaque as part of our advanced survey course in 92. 57 Bty surveyors also did the one in the old RAGTE mess in Hohne. A common tasking for bored RA surveyors. Made a change from lining up tents!!!
They all disappeared when the bar moved across the room a few years ago. A great shame IMHO. Still waiting for the first SPGR confirmation spot on the current bar.....
Wouldn't it be a great recruiting plan: a brass plate in every pub in the UK with 'Royal Artillery' and the GR on it...
There's one in the lounge bar of The Bustard - probably a bit too close to, "home," for recruiting, though.
Serious question: What's 'GR'? .....grid reference, George Rex, ... ?

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