Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mexe205, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. Having spent 25 yrs as a loggie,I dellivered 1000 tons of stores to a front by sea and within 24 hrs we had to replen because it was nearly all gone(Falklands) Why aren't we hitting the suppliers of all this ordnance and fuel being used against us?
    Who is making the f'kin stuff and who is paying for it?
    We nearly lost the Falklands war becuase we were running out after 40 days.Who the F is makin RPG refills and why aren't we hurting them??The americans World Wide bailed us out for artllery shells for the 105 howitzers.I know cause I humped them>
  2. Are you clinically insane or have you just been drinking very heavily for the past 3 days?
  3. Licking the first, drinking the second, snorting the third?
  4. All the soviet weapons you mean?
  5. Happy to chat about my post but your aggressive response is undignified and uncalled for. I am asking a genuine question as an ex WO and now working as a civil servant in this vain.appy to chat if you explain your angle on the Q
  6. My Bold

    For the Falklands? If so I can't see why because their 105mm and our 105mm are completely different ammunition types. Theirs is a fixed, single piece with a percussion primer. Ours uses an electrical primer and comes in two pieces.

    As to the rest I'm not sure what you're talking about.
  7. My family at the time worked in RAF Caerwent in south wales and moved ? tons of 105 onto american liberties in Newport in the middle days of the conflict. I have on my.desk a flag tribute to that contract
  8. The US army M119 105mm is the British L118 Light Gun, and uses the same ammo
  9. I think dropping bombs on the Pakistan Ordnance Factory might spark a bit of international tension...
  10. Thanks taff. My father in law wa the main man in Caerwent and really enjoyed reminding me of his part in our victory LOL
  11. Omega i am not suggesting we bomb them but we all know who is making it and brass ain't cheap.
  12. The L119 is the L118 with a different ordnance and a percussion firing mechanism to be able to fire US M1 ammo.
    You couldn't fire US M1 ammo out of a British Light Gun without modification.

    Edit: for spelling.
  13. The vast majority of the "problem" natures are:

    7.62x39 - AK 47
    7.62x54R - SVD and PKM
    PG7 anti tank HEAT
    83mm mortar HE
    107 & 122 rockets

    ALL of these are produced in huge quantities across the world. China, Korea, Iran, India and all of the old Soviet block countries. During the cold war, the Sov tactic was to give away the weapons and then sell ammo.. This led to to a world wide ammuniton trade in these calibres.

    As to the rest... the middle east is littered with old battlefields which are knee deep in old ammunition....

    Nice idea Mexe, however not really practical, at least in the short term.. :wink:

    BtW all the Falkland 105Fd came from Kineton and Longtown, trust me.. 8)

    We may have imported some 105 How from the US for training at Larkhill, but it did not go south...
  14. I believe fertilizer is a decent material for an IED. I also believe UN Aid Agencies are helping The Locals to support themselves by improving their organic crop yield with the help of fertilizer.

    I blame the feckin French. Come on,lets up and at them. I bet we could still take em, not done it for years. Cheese eating surrender monkeys that they are.
  15. No Gunner...

    Got the father in law on phone.. RAF Caerwent held NATO stock for all eventualities.MOD insisted that as we gave tenancy for american needs we also stored NATO needs. As he said nit pickin but expected banter. Approx 400 to
    ns of stores were donated to falklands conflict from one base. MY POINT?
    Confirmation I was there and they worked so RELAX