Brass Para Cap Badges

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Trambuan, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Who the hell wears these?, Are they in use?, They are often found in Surplus Stores.

  2. Hopefully nobody anymore as they have the kings crown on therfore do not comply with current dress regs
  3. Many 'real' Paras wear brass capbadges, though obviously not with kings crown.
  4. Sorry I will rephrase my reply:

    The ISSUE Para Badge is White Metal (Nickle Silver) or Silver Anodised.

    I never saw brass being worn, nor was I a para! Call me what you want mate, It really does not affect me! What you wear now is of no interest to me.

    2817 is my last four by the way!
  5. No offense mike 2817, but your answer shows that you a nig who knows feck all about the army.. and stop using '!' all the time you t**t!!!!
  6. Obviously not a Para are you, you fcuking walt.
  7. Sorry Jimmy - happen to know mike2817, also happen to know that he is no nig. Suspect he was finishing his service well before you started yours. BTW he is absolutely right about the para cap badge NEVER being worn in brass - ALWAYS white metal. (Please don't think i'm a nig either just because I agree with Mike - my number started 2438 and i'm still serving)
  8. Another walt!!!.......... or a hat.

    I'm sure when i walk around Battalion lines tommorow i'll see alot of brass Para Regt capbadges. You obviously have no idea what you're on about.
  9. Not being a Para myself, I suspect that the situation is the same as with various other capbadges, i.e. that you get issued a silver pretend-metal one, then go and buy a brass one to use instead!
  10. Absolutely correctomundo.
  11. Christ..... a shiver just ran up and down my back. Para opting for shiny brass rather than staybright........ if I was dead I would be turning in my grave.


  12. Assure you i'm not a walt...may well be what you refer to as a hat. Correct me if i'm wrong but brass is a YELLOW coloured metal, all Para Reg cap badges are supposed to be SILVER COLOURED whether staybright or metal. There may well be blokes wearing brass coloured cap badges, doesn't make them right. Just like agreeing with another arrser doesn't make me a walt.
    But hey if that is your attitude ...... whatever you say.
  13. The clue is in the index when you click the link, these guys have a full range of Web-tex/Thatchreed c##p.

    Best avoided altogether.
  15. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Fallschirmjager you really seem to have some issues.

    So by the same rationale can I wear jungle boots even though I've never been near it?