Brass Para Badge


An odd shop but some of his stuff is marked correctly if not fully!


War Hero
WW2 cap badges were either brass, nickel or both. In 1941, due to the shortage of metal and the desire for it to be used for bullets and other important war type things, plastic cap badges were issued.

The cap badge in question is a Queens crown, so therefore only issued after 53. Staybrite/Sta-Brite/Staybright (Anodised Aluminium - the same as current badges) were introduced in the early 50's.

Have never seen a brass cap badge myself either, they're usually nickel.

Doesn't mean it isn't right - if you are genuinely interested, ask the seller if he/she has more info, or for perhaps a photo of the slide. I would expect it to say JR Gaunt.

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