Brass, highly polished Tilly lamp


War Hero
When your electricity gets nipped or you just love to smell ove a CP, or to hock a greeny on the glass for nostalgis reasons, treat yourselves to a lovely tilly lamp

Auction ends 10am 11/11/2012
£25 to start it off
Bog off. Its shiny, and I wanted it.
True B/Spider though you can get "brand new old stock" vaporizers and mantles from Kibworth DIY (though they are mainly for Tilley). Vapalux/Bialladin/Willis & Bates are excellent, I have some going back to the 1920's, though those are mainly table lamps. They are ideal for winter if you live in the sticks giving bright light and 1 kilowatt of heat.
IMHO Vapalux/Willis & Bates Bialladin/Bialladin are superior to Tilley.
Mine - and the shell cases - are for decorating this


Arrived :)

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