Brasil out - oh yesh!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by TheSpecialOne, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. Brasil 1 - Holland 2
  2. :D Well done the Cloggies!!!
  3. That was an awesome second half!
  4. Well done, you crazy Dutch bastards!
  5. Agree'd as i certainly was'nt expecting the brazilans to go out, shame on Ghana though but they had the chance & blew it!
  6. Ghana gone.

    Yet sh crashy sekshy Dutsh shafted Brashil.

    That's what I call Amsterdamage.

    In Holland they like to play on a level field...

    Ish jjat my takshi?
  7. Well done Holland, I'll be following them from now on (they'll probably get knocked out now then). On a different note, welcome to our world Ghana..

    Except we didn't even make it to penalties this time :oops:
  8. Thank God Brasil are out. Now maybe Clive Tilsley et al can stop creaming their jeans every time some samba merchant touches the fukcing ball!

    Oh and a note to Fabio...there were quite a few premiership players on display yesterday and none of them looked tired!!!!
  9. Couldn't be arrsed starting another thread, but would just like to say "COME ON YOU CLOGGIES" for tonight's Uruguay game. Nothing against the Spics, but I've done numerous exercises and deployments with the Clogs and it'd be v rude not to support them!!

    Aall the besht, you crazshy Dutch bashtards........!!!!!
  10. So who do you reckon you'll have to beat in the final? Paul the psychic Octopus (who now must be in the cooler) reckons the Degos, but ze Germans have been embarassingly good...
  11. I'm reckoning Germany kick the Dagos tonight (poss 2-0 or maybe 2-1) and then Germany - Holland (shades of 1940....!!!) with the Krauts winning 3-1. Not based on any scientific analysis, I hasten to add - just pulled it out of thin air!!!

    Will be a good final either way.
  12. My money was on a Spain - Holland final, with the Boers winning, so I'll be supporting Spain, but they may have run their luck and Germany have been consistently good (-when leading, they were woeful against Serbia) .
    All in all for tonight, its up to who scores first, but I'm hoping for a good game.
  13. Yessssss!!!!! The cup is within range!
    I've seen the future and it's ORANGE !!!
  14. Oh, This thread is about football. How very dissapointing.
  15. I shall be hoping of a Holland v. Germany final. Just for the grudge factor.

    Spain have not looked on top form at all so far in the competition. Hopefully though they will pull their fingers out and give Germany a good game tonight.

    Muller will be missed by Germany though.