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"Dad, can i ask you something? "
"Sure! What about? "
"You see, I'm already fourteen and... I think it's just proper that i should own one. "
"And what is this 'one' you're referring to? "
"Could you buy me a neat set of brassieres? "
"No. "
"My nipples are already prominent and it catches attention. "
"Nope. " "It will be just proper at my age... "
"I said no way...! " "But all of my friends wears...! "
"David! How many times shall i tell you that bras are for girls!? "
And the award for this year's shitest joke goes to.......
... sorry, there's an interruption to this year's award. This one is in the same class, but shorter and more succinct.

Knock, knock

Whos' there?
Dr. Who (audience order trebles all round and pat each other on the back. Hollywood sign up the writer.)

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