"Branson offers millions to save the planet"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by amazing__lobster, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/02/09/nbranson109.xml

    From the Telegraph:

    Sir Richard Branson, whose Virgin planes pump out millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, is offering a £12.8million ($25m) to the scientist who can extract that same gas from the atmosphere.

    Together with the former US president Al Gore, he is calling for a team of research scientists to “scavenge” 100 billion tonnes of CO2 a year from the sky – a technique that is currently impossible.

    The “Virgin Earth Challenge” prize, should it ever be won, will be judged by a panel of five eminent environmentalists, including Sir Crispin Tickell, the former UN ambassador, and James Lovelock, inventor of the Gaia theory.

    It is based on the existing idea of “carbon capture and sequestration”, which involves making the gas from power stations inert so it can be buried underground.

    But Sir Richard’s challenge to suck it from the atmosphere will be far harder – perhaps impossible – because the gas is in lower concentrations.

    He said: “Unless we can devise a way of actually removing the CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere, we will lose half of all species on earth.

    “[The winner] will have the satisfaction of saving thousands of species and possibly mankind itself.”

    He claimed there was no conflict between his role as owner of an airline and space exploration company, and his professed ambition to find the answer “to saving mankind”.

    “If we ground [my] airline today, British Airways will just take up the space,” he said. “So what we are doing is making sure we acquire the most carbon dioxide-friendly
  2. Nice of him to offer the money buts its never going to happen is it so he's going to sit tight on that :frustrated:
  3. Branson engaging in some self publicity.
    Who'd have thought.
  4. Although I'm sure if somebody did manage to rise to his challenge, he would not notice losing that kind of money too much.
  5. Actually as Virgin operate a very young fleet compared to the likes of British Airways and the engines on these aircraft are a lot cleaner burning and more economical.

    Perhaps we should just put big CO2 absorbing filters over the top of the worlds volcanos as they are the largest contributors to global warming and dwarf even the best efforts of man.
  6. ....and make himself billions in the process!

  7. NEWS FLASH there is such a devise it's called a TREE for feck sake
  8. Be even nicer if he put some of his moeny up so I didn't lose my job :frustrated:
  9. Spot on ctauch,

    I don't see any new plantations being created with all these new 'Green Taxes' being created.
    But I do see Councils and Government offices with more money in the accounts!!

    Also how about nuclear power stations, no need then for fossil fuel burning stations.
    But no, the 'Greens' won't have that!

    Tidal power stations, like that proposed on the river Severn.
    But no, the 'Greens' won't have that!

    Wind turbines to generate power.
    But no, the 'Greens' won't have that!

    With their wood burning stoves, BBQs, hurricane lamps, Citroen 2cvs, plastic derived goods and wooden ornaments, these greens live a planet friendly life don't they!!

    (In reference to yesterdays Question Time) Why can't Milliband and his cronies do their international work by video phone instead of having to jet around the world? After all, they can't say its a person to person thing, because these same cronies say that Muslim facial dress isn't a barrier to communication!

    When the proper issues have been taken care of, then perhaps everyday issues can be looked at!

    Mind you as much as I like and respect Sir Richard, its a bit hypocritical what with, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Trains and even Virgin Cola, don't ya think?

    I bet come spring, the councils around the country will be out trimming the hedges and trees, like they recently did along 5 miles of 'Greenway' around here.

    Plant a tree in '73 was the motto back then, so Sir Richard;
    Lets all plant a tree and give the millions to me!!!
    and a fiver for ctauch :wink:
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You've just made yourself a VERY rich man!! :cyclopsani:

    I have a lot of time for Branson, I like the bloke. Bit miffed at this idea though.

    If he spent the money on buying land in which to plant trees, he'd actually get a gobment tax break for planting them.

    Send your idea to him and see if you can get some wedge.
  11. It's a pre-cursor to the next Virgin privatisation initiative. The atmosphere is to be parcelled up into 3,000 cubic metre packets.

    The units will be assigned to individuals and branded as Virgin Air. Early estimates are for the commodity to be charged at 3 pence per lungful. So, multiply that by 2, work out how many breaths you take per day (x 365) and there you have it - the true annual 'cost of living'.

    People who stop breathing and thereby reduce carbon dioxide output will be given cash incentives.

    You saw it here first.
  12. The most recent scientific evidence points to a rapid decline in CO2 emissions as of Feb 8th 2007.

    The scientific community is still trying to understand the cause of the rapid decline.
  13. Prescot or Blair haven't made a speech for a while
  14. The idea worked well enough for the X-prize. Even though the participants lose money in the process they still strive to try and get the prize. Bizarre, but it does work.
  15. Anne Nicole is dead? Just guessing am not a scientist just a thinker