Brandy sours

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by SONAR-BENDER, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. Many, many moons ago, I was sent to Cyprus on a course and was the only matelot there. So, being an oddity, some nice men in green (and a lady sergeant with a red hat!!) looked after me and fed me lots of brandy sours. Mind you, the RSM was a twat and threw me out the mess - nobody told me it was jacket and tie on a Friday!

    For some reason the other night, I was reminded of this happy time and so Googled the recipe. But, do any of you from one of the many little semi official military bars that seemed to be everywhere, have a decent recipe?

    I have Spanish brandy and a lemon drink (made I think by Minute Maid) called 'Limon y Nada', the bitters and some lemonade.

    So, can you help me out?
  2. You need lemon squash as well as lemonade.... 2 parts Brandy 1 Part Lemonade, add bitters and top up to taste with lemonade (clear type) if memory serves
  3. Rim of the glass dipped in sugar IIRC. George Club did a cracker. Enjoy Jack.
  4. You can try any mix of brandy and lemonade you like, but unless they are made by Keo, it will never taste like it did in Cyprus.
    As for the measures, I am reminded of a bar in Limmassol where I ordered "three brandy sours please". The barman looked at me and said how many? I was thinking he couldn't understand my accent so I repeated three brandy sours please. I was then told that when he asked how many, he wasn't asking how many drinks, but how many shots of brandy I wanted in each one!

    Good job it was a small round!
  5. 1. Dampen glass rim and dip in sugar (or preferably use frosted glass from freezer - sugar will stick)

    2. Couple of drops of Angustura Bitters, swill around glass

    3. Add ice

    3. Finger or two of brandy

    4. Finger or two of lemon squash (neat)

    5. Top up with lemonade

    6. Add slice of lemon or lime

    7. Sip, relax and remember Aphrodite's Isle!


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  6. Haha! This has just reminded me I have about 4 tshirts from the akrotiri arms and the other pubs up the aki strip. Think it was a free tshirt after 10 brandy sours? Cant remember. Probably due to the amount of aforementioned drinks that were consumed!

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  7. Just back from Aphrodite's Isle, where I had the pleasure of introducing a bunch of Irishmen to this fine refreshment.
  8. Soda instead of lemonade surely? Cyprus lemon squash as well, not the dilute pish you get over here.
  9. Use the 'orriblest brandy you can buy, 3 Barrels is a good bet in the absence of Cypriot brandy, do 2 shots of brandy, 1 shot of lemon juice, 6 drops of angusturas bitters, over ice, top up with lemonade. Stir, sup, sorted.
    I've got a taste for 'em now, where's me 2 pint jug?
  10. Bin the Limon y Nada (for one thing, it's Limon y algo - I forget what) it's shite. I found a decent lemony cordial that worked well - I think from Esclat. I'll go see if the bottle appears in any fotos, I?m fucked if I can remember the name
  11. Miss brandy sours. Gorgeous.

    Also vaguely remember a pub/bar with its own little swimming pool. Forget where tho.

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  12. "Pulco"
  13. The Kyrinia Bar near Bloodhound camp? If they didn't have a pool, I must have fallen in the sea


    a few times
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  14. Used to get invited up to the Danish OP's, they would have an all out, full weekend sesh which included monster brandy sours for breakfast. I woke up one morning spooning a rather nice Danish bird having swamped up her back:) No damage done as I was given a few haloumi and ham toasties, a Keo beer and told to crack on. She did'nt want to shag me again, must have been a lezzer:)
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  15. Flashback to Boxing Day last year - seafront at Paphos - Keo beers - brandy sour chasers - mezes - bright sunshine - heaven!