Brandy Sours anyone? Kabul becoming the new Beiruit

I like the bit about learning from the aid workers who got themselves murdered.

Clearly exhibiting the behaviour that endears them to the local civpop.
Think shes a bit mental, im surprised the Guardian allowed that article to be published.
"The condescending attitude of foreigners towards Afghans is not lost on Afghans and only fosters distrust. Perhaps a lesson can be learned from the humanitarian aid workers killed recently in Afghanistan. Many spoke the language fluently; they lived among the people, they ate Afghan food and breathed the Afghan spirit."

Why distrust? I can imagine that a condescending attitude could engender animosity, but distrust? And perhaps a lesson could indeed be learned from the joghurt knitters who were killed: If you make yourself a target, no matter if you speak the language. eat the food and, vicariously breathe the Afghan spirit. the bandits will kill you. Most joghurt knitters I have met can be extremely patronising, politically correct tossers with huge ego's anyway.


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"The condescending attitude of foreigners towards Afghans...

As opposed to the condescending attitude of whatever her name is. I supposed condescension is par for the course for Guardianista.
The word **** springs to mind

Read her other pieces, she's a professional hater who is unable to absorb some of the shit she sees in life

Life is ****ing hard and unfair get over it rather than pour it all into overblown hyperdramatic pseudo-Journalism

Perhaps concentrating on her medical career (Rather than swanning round the shitholes of the world gobbing off about the journalists she appears to aspire to) would be a more positive action in her angry little life
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