Brandy and Cigars

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Blokeonabike, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. New years day, sat in the garden in my dressing gown, nice cigar (Acid Kuba Kuba for those in the know) and a glass of Isreali Brandy. Now I have never had that drink before and maybe it was the interplay of the fine cigar and the alcohol but it did tase very very nice.

    Anyone else familiar with the Hallelujah brand of brandy? Is it expensive? Can I buy it in UK? Just curious.
  2. The fact your describing 3 days after the event, that the combination might be a little stronger than you first thought!
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  3. Artifically flavoured cigars and Israeli brandy?

  4. Brandy? How uncouth! I prefer a nice spiced rum. Corked, so I can pull the stopper out with my teeth and pretend I'm a pirate.

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  5. Do you mean Israeli brandy?
  6. Uncouth?
    You're the one pulling the cork out with your asshole!
  7. Soggy4978

    Soggy4978 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    You're out of luck, I'm afraid. If it's the one I'm thinking of, it was produced by a company called Segal Wines but it's been discontinued.
  8. Don't they produce Gin?
  9. Soggy4978

    Soggy4978 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Quite possibly, but Gin isn't Brandy. Although it goes better with tonic and a slice of lime.
  10. yes, i know that Soggy. Tastes better with lemon
  11. Soggy4978

    Soggy4978 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Lemon? Pah! Utter nonsense.
  12. dude, no one drinks lime with gin and tonic, unless you're graham norton
  13. Soggy4978

    Soggy4978 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Damn, my secret is out!

    But, seriously, Lime is better. Also, I feel we're leading this thread astray somewhat.
  14. i knew it!
    Well, tomorrow i shall try a gin and tonic with a side of lime to keep you happy.

    I don't believe it is possible to lead this thread astray
  15. Soggy4978

    Soggy4978 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Good man! And fair point.