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Branded a spotter

i may get branded a spotter for this one but I thought it impressive for a radio control plane.

F-14 with real jet engines 8O

Link removed due it containing a virus 8O
That is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! I know nothing about this aeromodelling thing, but I am most impressed. How on earth do you land a thing like that without wrecking it? I fully expected to see a parachute recovery.
That fantastic, i wonder what speed it gets up and how much flight time they have.

Would be great for torturing there hamsters in.

I did hear once of a group of brits who built a 4 engine Lancaster bomber and it cost about 30,ooo quid, and they smashed on landing on the maiden flight.

But wouldnt mind having a go with that one
Bravo_Bravo said:
SilsoeSid said:
As you can probably work out, its a video (30Mb but worth it) of an 8 jet engined B52.
as opposed to the other kind of B-52?
Corect BB, as opposed to the other remote controlled B-52s with 4 engines made to look like 8! Or even the ones with 2 engines and empty pods being on the other stations.

I wonder why BB didn't pick up on sabres "4 engined Lancaster" post. Perhaps there are other Lancaster variants I am unaware of, or maybe not! :wink:
So thats a bite?, OK, but at least it was nice to be able to clear up someones ignorance of the powerplants of various r/c models. :wink:

And they aren't that difficult to land power on, its when you run out of fuel the fun starts. :?

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