Brand New Song for Help for Heroes Charity

A songwriter friend of mine had written a song several months ago, called My Soldier, but did not know what to do with the song. A few weeks ago he saw a tv programme with an article about Help for Heroes charity, and after watching the show knew exactly what he was to do. He recorded the song together with his composer friend, and me the singer. We discussed about sending the song to the charity for their approval. They loved the song, and so now the song is being promoted. Should the song be released, then my friends have pledged to give royalties to the charity. I wonder if your members would be prepared to listen to the song, and give their comments and thoughts. The link to listen to it is YouTube - ‪MY SOLDIER by Bradford & Wilderspin, sung by Belinda Isaac, donated to Help for Heroes charity‬‏
The song is also available to buy on I-tunes. I hope the song is successful, so the proceeds will help those who need it most.

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