Brand new military fiction - The 65th by Peter Chapman

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by PinstripePete, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. A new military novel has recently been released, called 'The 65th' by Peter Chapman.

    It's a story set in the very near-future, about a maverick regiment of the British Army - The 65th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery. I'm not going to harp on too much about it here; see for yourself what other readers think of it on Amazon:

    Check out my website too:

    I'm an ex-gunner officer, now a schoolteacher in Devon, who'd welcome any support for this venture. Despite being signed by an literary agent, I have decided to go it alone and self-publish - in the vain hope that sales of the book will some way to securing a new publishing deal!

  2. The only feedback I'm able to give is this:

    If you're going to try and bluff that loads of people have read your book and think it's the dog's conkers, get your "friends" who've "written the reviews" to lie about where they're from. Apparently this book is big in Devon. And the fact that the only other reviews "the six of them" have written are 2 comments from Kath on PC cables doesn't make it particularly believable...

    Other than that, good luck.
  3. Kath is right - the cover is awful 8)

    Still, good luck, especially getting a readership outside the land of the Dumnonii :wink:
  4. Having read the free chapter, i will say just two words....Good Luck.
  5. I once decided to try my hand at carving a career out of becoming a screenwriter and through no lack of trying was unable to ever get signed up by an agent

    So far you've outdid me in a writing career which is probably little consolation but well done anyway sir
  6. Ouch! Cynical, but worth exploring ...

    Firstly, I couldn't post a series of 'phony' reviews on Amazon. You need an account with them to post one, and I don't have an account (even though my book's for sale on it). Sorry, you're going to have to take my word for it.

    The book has not been read by loads of people; nowhere does it say this. I'm trying to sell it by myself; not easy when you don't have the backing of a big publisher's publicity department; hence the posting on this forum. So when people come up to you, or write to you (four letters today, in fact) telling you what they think, I always ask them to post a review on Amazon. A few of them do, and I guess they're not habitual reviewers. And because the book is only being sold locally here in Devon; independent bookshops, word-of-mouth, a few branches of Waterstones, those who are buying it tend to be from Devon too. Logical, when you think about it.

    Maybe you'll have more faith in 'Soldier' Magazine. They might be reviewing it shortly.

    Nonetheless your message of good luck is duly noted; thank you!
  7. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Is the cover some sort of 'Charlie Don't Surf' reference?

    Anyway as there was cheapo copy available of Amazon I've ordered it. I'll let you know.