Brand new book being published world-wide

Brand new book being published world-wide to give soldiers a voice to the nation. :?
Are or have you served on operations while serving in the British Army.
If so we want to hear from you,
There are 3 main reasons for the making of this book
1- To give the soldiers a voice without any influence, and give them a platform to release their feelings with no influence from the media.
2- 50% of the profits will go to the soldiers and families who have been injured or lost in battle on operations.
3- To become a piece of history and education for years to come while showing the world what the British Army did, achieved and went through.
The book is titled "Flying Kites In Thunderstorms" meaning trying to do something amazing in a world of corruption, politics and war. The book will be a collection of stories, poems, words, drawings, photographs, inspiration, thoughts and feelings from their experience on duty first hand in Afghanistan and Iraq. The book will also be beautifully illustrated and presented by ward winning artist Philip Wood.
The purpose of the book is to show the world the impact of war through the eyes of the everyday soldiers who are fighting in it, on the front line or in any role. The media, press and television shows have never been able to really express the inner feeling of soldiers and we intend to be there voice. TV shows only ever touch the surface and keep things brief and focus more on the bigger picture. We feel the soldiers need an outlet.
We also want the British forces to be more valued not only from the public but from the government and we want people to understand the incredible job the forces does on a day to day basis. And last of all we want people to understand the sacrifice people take when getting sent to war, on operations,the devastation, the rollercoaster of emotions and the effect it can have on people in different ways.
If you would like to submit a story, poem, image, drawing, letter, blue or any content for this book for world-wide publication please send to or contact Soldier Magazine on
If you have a friend or know anyone serving or would like to send us something

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