Brand and Ross Suspended By The BBC

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by CityBanker, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. This is getting out of hand now. It’s not like they even did anything that bad, took the mick out of an old famous bloke, shock bloody horror.
  2. Tit
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    They intimidated a 78 year old man, who he is has nothing to do with it. To make it worse it was funded by tax payers money. Had that been a bunch of pikeys on the street you'd be demanding they were strung up.

    Now the PM has got involved and the Director General of the BBC has suspended them, I suspect their sacking will follow.
  4. Why? They said sorry, its not like they took the mick out of the dead or those incapable of defending themselves.

    yes they were tits, but what’s next? Steven Fry being banned for tanking the pish out of gays? Or sacking Jimmy Carr for taking the mick of chavs?

    I am not defending them per say, but this is an over reaction.
  5. Mr Brown has financially ruined the country
    He is destroying the Navy that we need to defend these shores
    He signed the the Lisbon Treaty which amounts to treason
    Immigration is out of control
    Justice is a long forgotten ideal in Britain
    Taxation is at a level that is killing us all off.
    We have thrown billion upon billions at the banks for getting it wrong.
    Corruption in Givernment is rife
    I could go on (yes, even more)

    I really could not give a flying fukk what befal's two over paid muppets on the BBC.
    Despite all the shite that is happening in this country the news has been full of these two tossers for the last 24 hours. Nice way of diverting interest from things that really matter.
  6. The backlash from the license paying public is loud enough. People have been sacked for less, they knew the guidelines and they were well over the line. They are supposed to be professionals after all.

    Having said that, I would put more blame on those who actually listened to and edited the program before it was broadcast.
  7. There is absolutley no need to fire up the Outrage Bus over this, gentlemen. Please remain calm. Two mildly amusing feckers got into trouble. You can't blame them for being paid too much.

    If someone offered me 18m to do feck all and talk utter carp, I would take it too. Just like those football nonces that mince around for 55 grand a week.
  8. Who remembers the old adage 'there's no such thing as bad PR?' I sure both fuckwitted fops will be back on our screens and in our ears presently.

    You could argue indeed that the Producer is more to blame, this was a pre-recorded show.
  9. Obviously the words "manners" and "respect" aren't in your vocabulary...

    It was rude, inconsiderate and offensive to the recipient, and typical of a lot of people these days who think they have a right to behave how they like with no consideration for other people.

    Ross and Brand are a pair self-centered tossers, with their heads up their own ar*ses with their own self-importance, and they need to learn some manners and respect for others.


  10. Forget the fact that Ross and Brand are highly paid entertainers. Forget the fact that the calls were broadcast.

    The issue, as I see it, is that these two clowns, in work, sent a series of harrassing, distasteful and (because of the number of them) intimidating phone calls to an elderly man about one of his relatives.

    What do you think would happen if you were caught doing this in work time? How would you feel if it was one of your Grandparents receiving these calls.

    The fact that one of them has apologised doesn't mean no disciplinary action should be taken. They're not children, they should know better FFS.

    I repeat. Tit.

    Edited for ming spolling
  11. 'Suspended' is not the same as 'sacked' or even 'unpaid'. They got umpteen millions per year for sitting in a studio talking shite for the benefit of morons. Now they get the same wonga for sitting on their own sofas surfing dwarf porn, and as has been said they got a load of free publicity out of it.

    When both go to their graves having never received another penny of licence-fee money, I'll believe the BBC are taking this seriously.
  12. Based on what, the fact I want people to get some perspective?

    This is a none issue, and people are going crazy. These are people paid a huge amount of money to be funny (although they are often not) and outrageous, and suddenly everyone is up in arms because they offend one bloke and his niece!
    They said sorry, end of story in my opinion.

    Get some perspective. Half the posts on this forum are ‘rude, inconsiderate and offensive’ to someone, should this foum be closed down?
    Should the BBC stop all chav jokes?

    They are paid to be so, what more do you expect?
  13. Never said they should get a dressing down, but the reaction from the gen pop, and the gathering of outrage busses is just silly.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Cue Autobiographies & 'My Story of it' coming to a bookshop & news stand near you soon.