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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by JimmyNeutron, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    This will no doubt be a silly question but here goes anyway....

    I have recently been granted my SGC (3 months ago) and have been blasting clays since. I go quite regularly work dependant and really bloody enjoy myself, helps that I'm not too bad either.

    I went shooting with a monkey mate of mine yesterday and after we had a couple of hours on the clays decided we'd pop up to Altcar and make enquiries at the Altcar rifle club. Now this is where I'm probably being a big girly but I was wondering what the implications are if any of applying for probationary membership at Altcar as I've only just been granted my SGC? Will the local plod think "why's this joker trying to procure his own armoury" or will they see it as a genuine interest? :?

    Is it worthwhile to leave off the FAC idea for the time being in favour of proving my sanity to the plod or should I go for it?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. we have a bloke at the club i shoot at who has joined as a probationary member after gaining his SGC (and .22 FAC i think) and he's looking at getting into full i don't think it would be a problem at all (not that i am an expert of course) We shoot at Altcar also...500yds this coming sunday (if there is enough bods who ain't going to Grantham :roll: hehehe)
  3. Plod would generally see it as a valid interest, and a natural progression. Having had an SGC for a few months will help smooth the way for an FAC.
  4. As I say, probably being a big girl. Just a touch worried that they may see it as something other than the genuine interest it is!
  5. Thanks 4(T), was hoping that would be the way it was seen. Having recently read a few of your posts I may need to pick your brains on Lee Enfields in the future if thats ok?
  6. Sure. No shooter is complete without a Lee Enfield......
  7. Cheers pal.
  8. Just one is no use. :D