Branch Stable Belts Coming Back!!

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by RougeCap, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. I hear theat in an effort to strengthen individual identities (rather than an amalgous image) AGC Branch stable belts are coming back:

    RMP - plain scarlet

    MPS - striped blue and crimson

    MPGS - under consideration

    Other Branches - who knows, do you?

    If ever there was an example of a conglomerate Corps struggling with its identity!
  2. Wallets out again guys!
  3. Maybe I can sell someone the Zimbabweian Defence Force one I had to buy when the Corps first formed.
  4. Heard that RMP RHQ are now having to look at getting a supplier for the new stable belts, and where are they going to 2000 in one go, I have a feeling this is going to take a while to kick into force mainly because there will be the usual supply problems.
  5. or f'kem all and go back to green plastic belt as issued in basic trg
  6. Ohh great, we can add them to our wonderful snazzy arm flashes and look even more like the bloody scouts!
  7. Happy with that:D Still got my old one and its already bulled from days gone by when we were expected to polish our kit.
  8. Ahh the scarlet belt with bulled straps! Blowing the dust off my old one as we speak!
  9. Doesn't all this arrseing about with flashes, belts et al simply highlight a lack of grip by those at the top? Trouble is the AGC is a Chinese parliament with the various branch heads. Having what amounts to an inverse feudal pyramid (I won't knock it too much as it'll keep me employed for a few more years to come) means too many cooks (spelt with 1 'o' and 2 'c's') spoiling the broth. To be effective as an organisation the culture needs to be correct, maybe I'm just biting because outwardly change only seems to be superficial.

    PS. I've still got a 2-tone brown 'snake' belt from primary school. Think I'll submit it to the dress committee! :lol:
  10. ........and they have only just got rid of the old stock! Now where is the bloke on the unicycle with the white face, big shoes and crap blue haircut?
  11. Good question. I emailed him for his opinion but the automated response came back:

    "The Regimental Secretary is out of office today. If your message is of a non-urgent nature, please try again on Monday. If it is critical - such as booking the corps caravan - please re-send to my assistant. Goodbye!"
  12. LOL.....the Regt Sec is a truly inspirational and wonderful human being!

    Now, can I have yet another new Stable belt for free please Museum shop?
  13. Apparently, whilst the colour of scarlet will remain the design will change so those of us with the foresight to keep our old belts will still have to buy new ones. Do you mean you managed to get a free a belt out of the museum!! Unheard of
  14. I don't suppose any of you chaps know where to purchase one of the new stable belts? My old belt appears to have shrunk over the years!!!! :)
  15. I don't believe they have yet been approved for use. Strange old thing mine appears to have shrunk as well !!