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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by headdown, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. There are a number of painings representing the various Branches of the Corps-hanging in the Officers' Mess at WD

    I have only seen my own branch pic so can't comment in general but-

    Very politically correct-lots of visible ethnic minorities and all genders represented.

    some nice touches by the artist, though the style is not to my taste (but hey WTF do I know) I find it a bit cheesy over all and a little comicbook.


    Glad I wasn't asked to contribute.

    Retreats under cover waiting for incoming.
  2. Doubtless chosen after debate amongst the mess members.
    Given that, why should you expect anything much different to what is available in any London tourist office poster rack. Tastefull - they think you are talking about curry tiffins
  3. The SPS painting, if I recall, is the best one. To show people it represents the SPS, they have included a green beret and a copy of the AGC Journal in the corner of the painting! Priceless!
  4. If the displays for the Queen's visit to Worthy Down during 1996(?) were anything to go by there was a row of tents each with and individual or individuals standing by a PC (ALS, SPS, ETS etc) then 50% of the show was RMP; Traffic Patrol Base, AMF(L) with full Arctic Display and a Snow Cat, a Pro Coy Patrol in a flash car,Close Protection, SIB and SoCO, Dogs etc, etc. It put things into proportion really.

    So these pictures? Lots of geezers with PCs is it?
  5. I was only discussing this issue the other day with a bloke from the Int Corps. The RMP seem to have the worst standard of military art in the entire NATO Order of Battle. Not for us such lumiaries as Cuneo, Beadle or Lady Butler. No, we get some paint by numbers merchant called Kitchen, who, and I think I am being fair to him here, needs to learn to grip the paint brush in his hands rather than between the cheeks of his arrse.
  6. Should have a whip round and commission Kitchen to get his Arsse to Iraq or Afghan and paint some real time pictures of what the RMP is doing. Maybe then we could start having some tradiition and pride in our history other that QE 2's visit to Worthless Down. Sorry was that a typo!
  7. F*ck, I'd forgotten all about them. Hideous weren't they? The one with the 32 ft tall JNCO somewhere in Belfast who is practicaly face to face with the old girl shouting abuse from her upstairs window (perspective just wasn't Kitchen's thing). That was just a beezer wasn't it? The SOCO in his 'flat cap'.....looking 'local'.

    The other monstrosity was the Falklands one. They plastered the wall in the Chi Mess.

    Between them and the Regimental 'horse brasses' and the 'bric-a-brac' that was housed in the glass cabinet by the door....and not forgetting, the bass broom and the 'mounted' Ammo boot (Jesus Christ), it was embarrassing to have visitors in.

    That Mess foyer was like a car boot sale.
  8. They were based upon real life as it was then, it was just that they looked like they'd been painted by a 10 year old who liked soldiers.
  9. His Gulf War attempt was just a classic of the genre. The man must have been earning a disability pension for his cack hand and big thick glasses.

    The pics in the Regt'l HQ in Lisburn are/were about the only RMP paintings I have ever seen that you could be proud of. Even the last parade of the mounted Branch dosn't really come up to scratch. So bloody 'tin pot'.
  10. Is there one of R*m*y taking on any jobs? :D. That will add to the ethnic true life Branch pictures. :D
  11. Whoa steady on Tiger!

    Would it not be possible for us all to show a little respect for a former major of Her Majesty's Investigation Branch and his retirements interests? I'll admit to being no great judge of military art but will cough to organising the purchase of copies of MSK's prints to cover/decorate/enhance the walls of detachments in Hohne and Rheindahlen. Dare I add that they attracted favourable comment from visitng Kripo and UK CID officers

    And IMHO jolly good they look too. Rant over
  12. Not really considering how crap they are! Suppose we should really blame those that purchased the finished paintings. Did the Corps ever have a blind Regimental Colonel with bad taste in art?
  13. Many, that's why the pictures and the belt are crap.
  14. Oh, blow it out your arrse. Mason was he? That's the only reason you're upset. Probably the same reason that you organised their purchase. What was it with people like you spending Det money on sh*te that only you liked. I'll bet your blokes were just chuffed to NAAFI breaks when you produced those bad boys and told them to nail them to the wall.

    Anyway, I think that you'll find that they no longer adorn the walls in either Section.
  15. F*ck, there's a name. Where is he now? Is he still in?

    Doubtful that one will ever be painted though as he would have to take a job on to begin with.