Brain Wobble

I rarely wear one.

Think about that image....

Did you experience the odd effect of seeing everything with an aura about it? That's what I experienced shortly before my second stroke. (The bad one) It was caused by high blood pressure I was told by my doctor when I was sufficiently recovered enough to understand things said to me. :?
Pisstaking allowed (obvs), but I'm asking on here because I'm not entirely convinced by the doc I saw today. (@HappyNomad stand down).

Yesterday, whilst strolling in the park with a friend and my dog, everything was fine and dandy, then all of a sudden I felt something was terribly wrong, a bit like the feeling you get when you're woken suddenly and don't know where you are. Without wishing to be a drama queen, I was fcuking terrified. I felt my vision starting to go, and knew I had to get on the floor before I collapsed.

My kind friend sat on the floor with me for 10 minutes or so, and I got up shakily and went home. However, I was sufficiently shaken by this (and nagged by various friends) to go to the doc this morning. He did a few basic checks, and told me it was a simple "vaso vagal attack" i.e. a faint normally associated with fear, shock, sight of blood etc. He told me it was probably due to a sudden drop in blood pressure, and to drink more water. (Cheers, I already drink loads thanks).

I'm not entirely convinced - this didn't feel like a simple faint, and there was no reason to explain it as such.

Any ideas, armchair doctors??

Thanks in advance.
Evidently this entire post is a complete fabrication.
You expect us to believe that, within 24 hours, you secured an appointment with a GP?

Reported for wasting ARRSE time.
StBob appears to be able to spell and talk English so is she a lady of a certain age who is experiencing the menopause? Or was it some time ago?
I’ve been experimenting with telekinesis and was in the park yesterday trying to set fire to trees with the intensity of my gaze. Might be some connection I suppose- I did see some old dear crawling about on the ground in my “danger area”. I thought it was a bag lady looking for fag butts. Just out of interest did you notice a smell of burning at all?
You said you had no ill effects from walking a fair distance in warm weather and that you drink plenty of water.
This may seem counter intuitive as you are on medication for high blood pressure or hypertension but a side effect of drinking lots of water is dilution of salts. The thing about salt is not to pile it on to food in spoonfulls but the body needs some sodium. You could use electrolytes. Maybe ask @Whey_Aye_Banzai about those. However, I just add a tiny pinch of sea salt to a pint of juice and water and give it a good stir. Don't give up drinking water but be mindful of the need to maintain electrolytes. Another trick I used in very hot weather was to add a tiny pinch of salt to tea with milk and sugar. I couldn't taste it so figured I needed it. On account of the meds, best get advice before taking up the above suggestion. I am not qualified to give medical advice. Good luck.
Edited to add, I sometimes carry dextrose tablets when walking or cycling a few miles.
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Hypotension or hypoglycaemia would be top of suspects.
You have brain aids, and it may or may not be the good kind.
Best of luck.
Oddly enough, that reminded me of Survival Aids of Penrith. This outfit of the same name are in Sussex and it turn's out they have fruit flavoured "hydration" tablets for adding to water - they contain electrolytes. Nuun Active Hydration Tablets - £6.25
Seems expensive but they say there are 12 tablets, for a total of 6 litres. Cheaper than beer I suppose.
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I had a similar event yesterday. I saw the below video on the "all links in here" thread, and laughed so hard I about gave myself a brain aneurysm. Stars in my eyes, sore head, the whole 9 yards. Apparently it's an old clip, but I hadn't seen it. My ribs and abdomen are sore from laughing so hard.


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