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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mooch, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. How many film titles have the same letter at the end as the begining?
  2. face off, anaconda,
  3. Will someone please give the IS Supvrs some work to do!!
  4. say what? that isnt one!!
  5. lol :lol:
  6. polar, dont get involved mate, it could turn nasty sir
  7. Why is this on "Sigs" :roll:
  8. Go away, don't you know the sigs board is for bitching about Blanford?
  9. I've got some bricks need building :wink:

  10. i) Whinging about Blandford from sprogs.
    2) Complaining about beret shapes from 'sweats'
    3) Shimfing about techs from everyone.

  12. 7, it begins with a 7 and ends with a 7. :lol:
  13. The Sigs Board is like Sunset Beach. You go away for months, come back and the plot is all still the same.

    Make me feel all warm inside...

  14. wow! that is some good work my friend. :lol: :roll: