Brady reveals location of Bennet body.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biscuits_Brown, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. And a 49 year old woman arrested? Too young to have been involved in the act, could it be that this came out some time ago and the "visitor" has kept his confidence?

    BBC News - Ian Brady 'gives location details' about Keith Bennett's body
  2. If Brady couldn't remember where he'd left the body when he was taken to the site in 1987, what chance is there that he'd remember 25 years later. Chances are that the prison visitor knows no more than Brady has already told the Police.

    He had nothing to lose by showing where the body was, given that he'd already admitted to the killing.

    I suspect that there'd be more chance of locating the body using modern ground radar techniques than there would be by quizzing the visitor.
  3. I hope they don't dig up my old Doberman. I buried her with her cuddly pig toy.
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  4. Sorry mate, they found it.
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  5. Bummer.

    And I mean that strictly in the sense of "oh bummer your dog died".
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  6. I don't think they buried him, they just left him sitting in a Morcambe sea front bus shelter...have a look sometime theres loads of em!
  7. I doubt you'd have much chance of finding a body on moorland with GPR, even if you 'knew' where it was buried. There's not enough reflection from human bone to pick it up against the background. Other geophysical techniques are just as unlikely to get results: its too damp for resistivity to be efective and the remains are not likely to be magnetised enough for magnetometry.

    Forensic archaeologists (and every other typo of 'ologist' you can imagine) have spent years off and on looking for the missing body but as you can imagine, the moor is a big place and it all looks very similar once you're off the beaten track.
  8. I believe Brady could take the police to the body, if he wanted to. Strikes me he's a sadistic b*****d and this is the only thing he has to give him "power" over others.
    If (unlikely) the family stated they had given up on finding the body it would IMHO be a blow to Brady's ego.
  9. I seem to remember an RAF Canberra being used in 1987 search. No idea what sort of imaging they were using.

    Not many years ago there was speculation in the press that the body may not be on Saddleworth Moor anyway. Staffordshire was mentioned.

  10. RAF, so it will be self image.
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  11. Just feel lucky you didnt get a shag in Morecombe......Physcotic women or what !!!
  12. From ATC camp at Wyton in... '85 I think it was. Something to do with taking photos using different kinds of film, at least one of which is outside the visible spectrum. Graves, even very old ones release gas and it marginally changes the passage of light above them, so the images will be very slightly different in the area of a grave.
  13. Brady's a proper psychopath and this is all about power.

    However I very much doubt that Brady could take them to the body now. It's a peat moorland that will look nothing like what it did 45-50 years ago due to erosion. A general area, yes, the actual site not a chance.
  14. All this crap about a secret letter is just that 'Crap',,is it just a coincidence that the news of this so called letter is released today and the TV channel at the centre of the whole affair just happen to be showing a documentary on the same subject on Monday night,,whole thing is just a publicity stunt to gain more viewers without a thought about Winnie Johnson's feelings in this whole sorry affair..They should be ashamed.

    Yours Disgusted from Failsworth.
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  15. Maybe so. However it wouldn't surprise me if he did write a letter "to be opened on his death" saying he would take the location of the body to his grave. Just his way of hurting the family further.
    While the family care, he will enjoy exercising his power over them.