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Brady LIVES!

Keep the bastard alive for as long as possible then let him die in agony over a long period of time.Brady is as good an example for not having the death penalty that you will ever get.Anyway we all know he just wants to join Myra in the after life so he can screw her again.
I'm amazed he's lasted so long, having been on hunger strike since the 90s, keep him alive as long as possible; life means life.
How does he come to have a confidente/health advisor/mental health advocate in the form of Ms Jackie Powell? What is her role in life, and how did she qualify?

I am pro capital punishment, unless all the others given life sentences are treated like this.


Gallery Guru
Those Nurses are ******* scabs, they know we're supposed to be letting patients out of the NHS early. Talk about solidarity over pay. Scab *****.
Brady's victims had no choice about the time and manner of their deaths. So he forfeits any right to such a choice for himself.

I hope the bastard lives for many more years. In agony and begging for death every single day.

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