Bradshaw at CIC How long?

How long will he last?

  • Until he realises who Sandy is

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  • First couple of weeks then the beastings get too much

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  • All the way

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  • CIC? Do you do that with RLC Laundry?

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So, when Bradders gets his backside to Catterick (assuming he doesn't change his mind :) ) how long will he last?


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I took the option 'All the way' because the guy, while being incredibly stupid :D , has been honest. If he gets through Phase 1 (which I think he might :cry: ) then I think, and hope, that he has a good, long and enjoyable career.


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KnifeFightingMonkey said:
I love the post "Until he realises who Sandy is" or words to that effect.

Who gives a fcuk??????????? Seriously??????????
Sandy? (probably not, but don't know the guy) - Bradders??????????????????????? 8O
I chose the "all the way" option. Because although i fall to sleep crying every night and bite my nails, lips, and other inanimate parts of my body throughout the daytime because of fear, my recruitment officer has told me to always be optimistic and keep my head up...

The glass of sweat, blood, tears, and bum-sex-wee is half full fellas
Where's my 48 hours option? Bless you Bradshaw. Good luck!!!!! I hope it is everything you ever dreamed of.... ;)
This is gonna be on the national news. Deepcut, where's that? "Today in Catterick a recruit soldier commited suicide by eating 32 Blank Firing Attachments and two training morphine autojects"....
Is dry **** rape still a part of every young soldier's initiation process?
Personally I have never had the pleasure of meeting Sandy however it sounds like you have. Any chance you could let us and Bradders know a little more about the guy? I heard he once took on a whole battalion of RM in a pub fight without spilling a drop of his pint.
Hey Bradders, when you get to Catterick, say hello to the Drill Bloke. You'll recognise him easy enough. He'll be in the one in No2 Dress with a crown on his arms and a very smart Coldstream Forage Cap.

He'll recognise you easy enough cos I've just emailed him your Prom photo. That cheap Tux does you no justice Bonny Lad.

When you meet him it's ok to call him by his nickname ( Dec or Decker ). You only need to call him Sir if the Training Officer is present.
At the end of the day, do you really think Sandy is going to go out of his way to beast bradders? Bearing in mind he will proberly have a AAPC intake to thrash?
CIC is not even hard either, when i done it i was shocked at how easy it was. Yeah you got thrashed at PT and got bullshit, but you would be surprised at the sort of people who pass out.
I say good luck to the lad and all the best. Also he aint going to know what a drill bloke is, he aint going Guards. If you do see him, say that chippies can hold the time down better or something to that respect.
Personally I hope that Bradders takes this thread in the manner in which it was intended (a bit of a giraffe) and hope he does well. Keep us informed Bradders.....
That's a bit like saying he won't know who the Medical Officer is cos he isn't joining the Medical Corps.

Regardless of his Regimental choice, he will get to know who the Drill Bloke is.
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