Bradley Wiggins & Mark Cavendish

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by TheNutlessMonkey, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. I've had a quick scan and can't find a thread on Le Tour which is surprising especially as there are two Brits doing quite well currently. Never min that Armstrong is having another go.

    Mark Cavendish is consistently being called arrogant after his post race/stage interviews but after having watched some of his finishes this tour there is no doubt he is the best finisher in the Tour at the minute. It looks as if he'll need to improve his all round game if he wants to win the Green Jersey.

    Which dovetails nicely with Bradley Wiggins who has surprised a few of the Brit commentators with being able to keep up with the big boys and is currently sitting in 4th leading into the Alps and the final week. Apparently this marked improvement is due to the fact that since the Olympics he's lost 7kgs in weight whilst keeping the same power output therefore he's got less to lug up the hills.

    This has just been a bit of a heads up to anyone who is interested who has not managed to keep up to date with the Tour.

    Thursday's stage is an individual time trial and Wiggins must be in with a shout. And next Sunday with the run-in to Paris normally being a last flourish for the sprinters Cavendish has this targeted as his fifth stage win in the Tour which would set a new British record.
  2. To be fair to Cavendish, the media do have a knack for pouncing on him 3 seconds after he's crossed the finish line, on a stage that hasn't gone to plan, and then throw some really bone questions at him. It's not surprising he's not the chirpiest at the time. Besides, I wouldn't say he's arrogant. He is the fastest in the world, everyone knows it, so there is no point in any false modesty, and he always points out the assistance of his team, which is also probably the best lead out ever.

    I wouldn't discount Cav from winning today, either, depending on how this break goes, but he's going to have to do more on the stages if he wants green. And top 5 GC on the Champs-Elysées for Wiggins is do-able, outside chance of top 3.

    Anyway, live coverage has just started on ITV 4.
  3. I'm a bit torn on Cavendish, came across as an arrogant little shit, but clearly had some media training in the last year. Not sure if we can really claim British on him, bit complex with him being a Manxman.

    Interesting ITT stage to come, basically flat with one fairly sharp climb / descent in it - Having spent a fair time round Annecy, I reckon it will be bloody interesting to see how it pans out, the course could lend itself well to someone like Wiggins.

    Looks like it will really all come down to what happens on Ventoux! If they can keep a cap on the Schleck brothers, then Wiggins could well take a podium place!
  4. The thing he gets asked questions like 'Are you the quickest sprinter on the Tour?' which the video of his finishes seems to prove quite simply.

    As for him being a Manxman and whether we can claim him a British, he's part of the cycling Team GB so I would say so. BTW Team GB also covers Gib!
  5. One major complaint about Cavendish was that he replies to the questions in post race interviews in English, his defence is that he has put a lot of effort into learning French over the past year, whilst able to understand the questions is not able to reply in French without murdering the language.

    Remember the complaints are form an unnamed source (a fellow rider) by an unnamed reporter(French).

    I would have thought that most top sportsmen/women have an abundance of arrogance, one of the essential attributes to ensure they suceed at their chosen sport.
  6. Tuesday should be an interesting stage (shame that ITV aren't showing that one live), I can really see quite a few cracking on those two climbs - lots of time to be gained/lost.

    ctrl a for spoiler of today's stage:

    Hincapie could throw a major spanner in the GC works if a team doesn't make a decision to pull back the break. He's currently got 3 minutes on Nocentini for virtual yellow.
  7. Who is the only cyclist not to win a medal from team GB 2008 :p

    If you can explain why he lost out, then maybe his lack of conversation with His fellow tour competitor can be understood.
  8. It's on live Eurosport UK from 1130.
  9. Yes, I know, but I prefer ITV's coverage. Eurosport is a little too sterile for my liking.
  10. I watch the stage today and was pretty sure that Cavendish finished with his team mate Renshaw roughly 15th, however when I've checked the standings he's listed as 154th which is the very last person in the pack he was part of.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why? Did he do something naughty that I missed? I've been flicking between the Tour, the Ashes and the Open. Or is it simply a cock up?
  11. Never mind. Apparently they didn't like the way Columbia squeezed out Thor Hushovd as they approached the line.

    Oops springs to mind because if they didn't push for the Green they would have likely had the Yellow!!
  12. The official story is that the commissars relegated him for an 'irregular sprint'.

    The unofficial story is that the commissars relegated him because L'Equipe have an anonymous source claiming he 'racially abused' French riders and is 'anti-French'. When the French aren't winning in the Tour, they must throw mud at those that are, in the hope they'll be DQ'd.
  13. Cav must have really widdled on theirs chips, sorry pommes frites, when he won the stage on Bastille Day then!!
  14. It doesn't take much to upset them.
    Witness the 'Armstrong must be a drugs cheat because he keeps winning and us Frenchies don't get a look in and if we can't find any evidence we'll make some up' years.
    Compare with the proven and unrepentant doper Richard Virenque. Still a national hero.
  15. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    Shame this is all about team Gordon Brown and nobody has had the guts to stand out and call it team UK