Bradley Manning

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Has JJH exploded yet?
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  2. Why would he?

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  3. Whatever the merits of his case, a bit cheeky turning up in the uniform he seems to have turned against.
  4. Capital punishment would be appropriate purely on the basis of his beret shaping! (or lack thereof)
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  5. Why ****stick Manning wont see freedom until we have M5 Odierno Hovertanks and Plasma rifles.
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  6. Yes, cos we really want to go down that road, don't we??
  7. Well it's going well so far isn't it?
  8. Field Marshall Bradley Manning? [​IMG]
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  9. He needs a good reaming from a rag man's trumpet.

    Bradley Manning that is, not Monty.
  10. Very Senior Officers are expected to be a little eccentric in their mode of dress, it's in KRs and QRs.
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  11. I always found his jokes to be a bit racist, to be honest.

    The stout Manc twunt.
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  12. Besides, who the fook is going to bollock a Field Marshal?
  13. Everyone on Arrse.

    Except of course, to their face.
  14. I did tell CDS ( then a RN five star ) he was incorrect ( about a ship's status ) Sir. He was very gracious about it and stopped beating me when I started bleeding.

    The fact that Manning looks like a child and despite his alleged smarts, probably isn't very mature leads me to feel a bit sorry for him in his predicament. If he was a big scary looking bruiser with one eyebrow and eyes too close together I'd hate him. Snowdon is more loathesome.

    Duplicitous diplomats, spying spys, shitting bears.
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