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Aye...never mind that lad....'as tha got ticket?

If not , then at least << BUMP >> the thread between now and Saturday.....the more the merrier


ONLY 60 tickets left....going like 'ot Eccles cakes me duck - GET IN !

For tickets e-mail

Don 'Nay, yon's a flugel horn ' Cabra


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PXR from John Hagerty:

" 650 people attended on the night. Overall the event raised £3,800.

This will go to a number of charities supported by Bingley Airedale Rotary Club besides Help for Heroes. "

Black Dyke won the National Championship in October 2008 .

This was Black Dyke's 21st National Title making it more succesful than any other brass band in history.

“ One of the great selling points was the charity we picked. We tried the local TA unit to see if they would like some of their soldiers to attend but got no response. If we could have had some uniformed collectors I think we would have done even better"

I bet it was a Grand Night Out :) - good on yer Black Dyke .

Lee Shaver

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