Bracht, Germany

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Smoking_Sigs, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. Many of you might know that the new ELMPT STATION, incorperates what was RAF Bruggen and utilises MQs remaining at Wildenrath, Birgelen and Bracht.

    I am putting together a intranet page for Elmpt station and am looking at including some history of the station but I have little on Bracht .. I know it was a stores depot RAOC then RLC but little else - Anyone got anything more??

    Any more info (including pictures/maps) of any of these camps would be appreciated.
  2. The British Army set up an Ammunition Depot at Bracht at the end of World War Two. Named 3 Base Ammunition Depot (3 BAD for short) it was merged with 6 Petroleum Depot at Arsbeck around 1965 being renamed 3 BAPD reverting back to 3 BAD in 1975ish

    Married Quarters were situated in Bracht Village, with some located in Venlo, Holland in the early 1970's. 3 BAD RAOC was granted the Freedom of Stat Brugan.Bracht in 1974

    After Options for Change, The RAOC was merged into the RLC and 3 BAD was closed in about 2000 and most of the land handed back to the German Govenment.
  3. I was posted there 87-90, cracking place to be as a young soldier, i believe now that its a natural reserve, well at least the Depot is!
  4. Many thanks Mike_2817. I have an old map of the area but none of the camps area label'd although I can just see camp fences - There is a large wooded area to the west of bracht. Is this the old camp?
  5. Correction - 3 BAD closed in September 1996

    As far as I know the Barracks Area is still in use as a Immigration Camp of some kind. Or was for some years.

    On the road between Brugan and Bracht, there is a T Junction with 2 Guest Houses, One on each side. The Depot main gate, Admin area and camps were about 1.5 Kms down this road. Other than for fire gates, and rail link, there was no other entrance.

    I was posted at Bracht 1973 - 1975 and last visited the depot in 1986
  6. Thanks for the map copy. I hope I have pin pointed the camp area as well as the old depot which as you say is clearly defined, you can even see the old depot roads and tracks! Village at end of T Junction being Genholt and the access road shown in Red/White. The camp area can be seen about half way down this road, with old camp church (St Babara's as was) in the middle.
  7. The road to the Depot and admin area is next to a Chinese Restuarant and runs through the old Depot and the back gate is on the Dutch border at the Wiesse Stien (good pancakes and bier). This part of the Depot was the Demolition Ground.


  9. I remember going to BAD Bracht in 64 to set out rail lines for the depot,which was undergoing an expansion phase then.At the time I was an engineering surveyor sapper.Good place to be,and excellent nights out over the border.
  10. I've sent you a PM containing an article I wrote re. Rugby at Bracht in the Mid 70's to early 80's, specifically dealing with a reunion we had there in April this year. I served there from Dec 78 to Dec 82. PM Back if I can be of any other help.
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    spike7451 RIP

    The was also a sub-division of Bracht on RAF Bruggen & we had a large aircraft weapons dump there called 431 MU(if my memory is correct)
    I was stationed at RAF Bruggen on 17f Tornado Sqn between 88-92.I still have some copies of the Bruggen Circuit & SSVC paper from the Gulf war & my 'Welcome to Bruggen' pamphlet somewhere.I'll dig them out & see if theres anything in there.I'll PM you if i find anything.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  13. I have new information about the 3BAD Depot area.

    From 88 - 90 I've worked there as a doghandler. I have been together with Britt Carlson (Nafi) for a while.

    The depot area become a nature reserve Brachter Wald. The area is freely accessible. However, it may enter only on foot or be driven on by the bicycle.

    In the Army camp almost all buildings still standing. In the civil camp it gives away only the lodgings in the Tegler Weg and two other buildings.

    Today the whole camp area is used as a camping place.

    The REME area also still exists completely.

    If you want to see the area with google maps copied following link in your browser:

    If one of you remeber me and my twinbrother, give me a massage.
  14. Camp and Depot are now Nature Park / Camp Site.

    Sadly many of the old haunts are gone...........The Jag Club, The Dalmatian, Claire's, Alex's and The Music Bar all died off when the Brits left.

    It was the best 3 year posting I ever did! :lol:
  15. Claire's gone? Noooooooo.

    Used to hate going in the first night after payday to find you still owed half a month's wage on tick.