Brace yourself for the next Mohammed Cartoon Jihad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ulsterism, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Brace yourself for the next Mohammed Cartoon Jihad
    According to the gutsy Brussels Journal, the Dutch are bracing to be the next target of Jihad mob demonstrations. The reason? Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s soon to be released new movie, Submission 2. The first Submission film was made by Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh with the help of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It showed Muslim women victims of domestic abuse, with verses of the Koran painted on their bare backs. Theo van Gogh was later murdered for that in broad daylight, in the middle of the street. The Dutch took fright—they are only heroic in promoting euthanasia, three-day divorce, and free drugs. But when it comes to defending real human freedoms they are trying to keep their heads down.
    The Netherlands expelled Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who become an international symbol for women’s rights against Islamic fascism, when threats against her life began to concern her neighbors, using misstatements on her application for snactuary which had been known for years. Fortunately, the American Enterprise Institute gave her a job, and the US State Department, to its credit, welcomed her to the United States.
    Submission 2 is a critique of Muslim persecution of homosexuals. The Taliban staged public executions of gay men. Iran has beheaded homosexual men and women. The Saudis sentence them to such punishments as “2,600 lashes,” which comes down to execution by whipping.
    So Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a new, provocative movie coming out, and the Dutch anti-terrorism agency is warning of another Cartoon Jihad – maybe we can call it a Gay Flick Jihad.
    According to the Brussels Journal,
    “The Dutch authorities are working on a plan about what to do if the movie does, indeed, stir up international Muslim indignation. “Controversial debates or artistic quotes about Islam in the Netherlands can be abused by radical Muslims abroad to agitate against the Netherlands,” the … report says. It states that the Danish cartoon affair shows how minor local incidents can rapidly escalate into violent tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims. “Not only political interests but also economic interests as well as the safety of embassies and Dutch troops abroad can be in jeopardy.”
    That is an interesting way of spinning the truth. As AT and others have pointed out, the evidence is clear that the Cartoon Jihad was deliberately and fraudulently whipped up by two Danish Imams, who circulated some genuine Danish cartoons along with two truly hateful crude forgeries, to a summit meeting of the Arab League. That’s when the international fuss started, half a year after the original cartoons were published. In other words, the Dutch either don’t know or don’t care that the Cartoon Jihad was a deliberate attempt to intimidate Europe into kowtowing to the radical Muslim agenda.
    It gets worse.
    The report says that Dutch Muslims, including soldiers in the Dutch army, are growing ever more radical. An increasing number is said to visit radical mosques controlled by the Salafi, a Saudi dominated sect which advocates a return to the strict rules of 7th century Islam.
    So we might see another Cartoon Jihad, with worldwide Muslim demonstrations and boycotts against Gouda cheese and Dutch tulips. Big deal. The question is: Will the Netherlands understand that this is a deliberate pressure tactic to force Europe to bow down to the very radicals who are faking the outrage? Will the Dutch take a simple stand on free speech and a free press, as Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark did when he was confronted with the cartoon mobs? Or are cheese and tulips so important that the Dutch are willing to sell their most precious freedom for a little temporary safety?
    We will soon find out. Stay tuned
  2. And exactly where on the posted link was the relevant material? And you clearly haven't watched Submission 1, or followed the Hirsi Ali story.

    I think you'll find that the Dutch are rather different to what you think they are -- the Dutch media showed the Mohammed cartoons (unlike the cowardly, islamo-sensitive al'BBC), as well as showing Submission 1. After the murder of Theo van Goch, there was a series of incidents of mosques and Islamic centres receiving bricks and/or Molotov cocktails through their windows.

    6% of the Dutch population is now Muslim, and this 6% is largely unassimilated. Native Dutch girls get called whores in the street by Muslim youths, and are acted towards aggressively by the same. The native Dutch majority is going to crack, and it's not going to be nice.
  3. I thinf the Dutch are already taking steps to control the Muslims I'm sure I read that the Dutch have a film they show to any one applying to come to Holland and it shows two gay men embracing and other aspects of their very liberal society and the applicants are told if they can't tolerate these aspects of Dutch Society they don't come also if any-one who has been granted Dutch citizenship is found guilty of an offence they can be stripped of their citizenship and deported.They took away the citizenship of the Muslim politician who the USA have allowed into US as she had lied on her application for asylum.If the Dutch can get tough why can't the British??Lack of political will perhaps.
  4. Do the Dutch they seriously think wannabe immigrants will give two hoots about what they're forced to watch in order to get a passport?


    Ayaan Ali is a fake and a fraud whos found her forte by coming out with pseudo-intellectual ramblings that play to popular fears.

    Got to give her credit, shes done very well out of it!
  5. In what way is she a fake and fraud? other than lying re: US application details.
  6. Er 'cos she faked her whole back story and lying on an asylum application is fraud and I would say pretty serious.
  7. I think you mean Wahabi - they are arguably Salafists, but either way, that's what they are not who they are.
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I think in 2004 the Cloggies kicked 14 illegal immigrants out.. Ocean, Drop, In A - rearrange to your hearts desire.