BPG Tracked Scooter

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by rampant, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Surprised not to see this on here before, gotta love those Canadians, what an awesome wee toy.

    BPG-WERKS military

    I want one
  2. thats a deffo xmas want!
  3. This is blowing my mind!
  4. Awesome, I'm sure the wife would like one for Christmas. But how much does it cost???
  5. Nice toy - but I can't see why they are taking it to a military show. Big upright position makes you a great target. If you want to cross open ground at that speed, you could try running! Can't see it coping well with rough ground/vegetation/stairs. So it forces you to stick to paths (where the IEDs are)
  6. Radio controlled with trailer could be good for resupply under fire etc...
  7. If that bit you stand on could be made to extend, it could be used as a spine board after the rider goes flying and crushes a few vertebrae. Inter-operability is key.
  8. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Judging by the other vids on their website it handles rough ground and vegetation pretty well, it would certainly be a damn site faster than running weighed down with body armour, webbing and pack.

    But sod the miltary applications for now, I want one because it looks shitloads of fun.
  9. How is it powered? Being so inky-dinky it doesn't look as though it could carry much fuel.
  10. Big upright position - you could lie on the trailer. The vid shows that the handlebars fold down far enough.
    Run across open ground at that speed? Usain Bolt couldn't manage that speed. Without a load.
    Coping with rough ground/vegetation/stairs? Granted that stairs and very steep banks may be a problem when mounted but typical countryside? I'd be happy to help it up stairs and steep banks if I got home for tea that bit quicker.
    Stick to paths? Didn't you watch the video?

    It's not often that I'm enthused with something, but this has potential. It looks like something that could be manufactured for less than £2000 so, from an economic point of view, it's cheaper per man than a bog standard Rover. Range may be a bit of an issue. I'd want something with a range of at least 20 miles and the ability to refuel to that range quickly. So, if it's electric it may need to be run with a trailer carrying spare batteries. Liquid fuel just needs a bigger tank.

    Remote control casevac. I like it. Lower to the ground than a man-carried stretcher, it's safer for three people.

    It's so good that I guarantee that it'll never be adopted by the British Army. ...'cos by the time that they've up-armoured it, fitted it with a .50 cal mount, fitted it with guards over the tracks (Health & Safety, don't forget), cheese cutters, top-cover turret and a BV, it'll be outside the acceptable price range. Still, some infantry types may choose to buy it instead of Lowas...
  11. Steve McQueen must be spinning in his grave...
  12. Definate CASEVAC and RESUP posibilities. I notice the video has it running on smooth dirt tracks free of obstructions. I'd like to see it on the babies heads of Dartmoor before I get overly enthusiastic about it.

    Looks bloody good fun though. $250 Deposit BPG-WERKS merchandise
    Going to be a couple of Grand USD at least.
  13. Nice, quite noisy though I bet, running a 2-stroke engine or am I hearing this wrong? Wonder what the range would be on these things, can't hold much petrol / oil, suppose more for civvie use for now...
  14. Maybe, but that's looking at the BPG off-the-shelf version. Use imagination a bit and you can see greater potential.

    For example:
    Hybrid drive - electric motors for quietness and a genny (maybe mounted on the trailer) for endurance.
    Trailer - could take the form of a folding ramp for obstacle crossing
    Multi-coupling - for larger payloads
    Floatation devices - for crossing water

    It's not beyond the bounds of capability to have a personal mini M3 rig which, by combining a section's resources, could ferry light vehicles across water.

    And it's such a simple machine that it could be manufactured by Remploy - which should attract brownie points for government funding.
  15. Being at werk I can only see the first 5 seconds of the vid, so basing my comments on this brief glance... A 5 litre petrol tank on a 2-stroke 166cc scooter used to get me around 80 miles and an average speed of 45mph. Judging the size of the one in the vid in relation to the bloke standing on it, there is possibly a 3/4 litre tank situation between the tracks? So a possible range of 50-60 miles? Wouldn't have thought that was unreasonable for the sort of tasks that would be expected of it.