BPFAs - any PTIs able to explain please?

OK, asked similar as my first post about 6 months back & got useful but incomplete replies (in The Training Wing). So, any PTIs on here who can explain the full format of the current BPFA? Last time I had to do anything like that it was the good old 1 1/2 mile + 1 1/2 mile BFA.

I know that sits & pressups are included now and the warm-up is, I believe, 800 m? I believe as a 38 y/o male I'd be allowed 11mins 30 for the run, and be expected to manage 40 or so on each of the sits / pressups? But.....

Is there a "correct" order for the 3 parts to be done in?

Are there any laid down rests between sections, or is it just as quick as you can get from one exercise to the next?

What is the target time for the 800m warm up?

And wtf is all this about "green", "amber" and "red" scores? Used to have "pass"= don't worry till next time, "fail"= You gonna die :twisted:

Any serious answers would be really appreciated cos as a civvy now have to motivate myself to keep it going so having summat to compare against is pretty useful.

BTW, for any that replied to the first post, having followed some of the advice in it, got myself from just about managing an 11 min mile :oops: to a mile & a half (treadmill, but with hills - no suitable tracks / road routes around here) in 9 mins 56 with energy left to do another gentle 2 miles in 20 mins, so thanks for the help so far :)
OK mate, 4 PARA PT Staff here.

BPFA currently consitist of

1. 2 Mins best effort Situps
2. 2 Mins best effort Pressups
3. 800m warm up in 4 mins under instruction
4. 2.4km best effort run or if not possible MSFT (Bleep Test)

The run must always be done last but the pressups and situps can be switched around. Rests are usually dictated by how long you can get the next lot through but it should be no more than 5 mins.

The colour coding system - green = everything good (min 210 point as well as 70 points on each excersie)

amber = min 210 points but scoring between 60 to 69 points on an activity

red = under 210 points or under 60 in an activity

(Scores are determined by Age and Gender)

amber and red refered to remedial pt and med staff
You, sir, are a star. Thanks.

And I never thought I'd say THAT to PT staff :lol:
Quick one waht are limits for a 36 year old, I belive that the run is 11mins for an over 30 but when des it go to 1130 ???

also what it sit up & press up for green for tht age ??

One last quick one, what all this I hear about a 4 mile CFT in best effort ??? Is there a green for that ???
[whitevest]Let's have a look in my fizz bible.
Ok, for a 36 year old male to get "GREEN"
- 39 press ups
- 46 Sit ups
- 11:30 Run

For 300 (Maximum) Points
- 68 press ups
- 71 sit ups
- 9:00 run [/whitevest]

4 Mile CFT best effort? If your TA you do the 4 Miles in 57 mins 30 secs to 1 hour squadded carrying weight applicible to arm/service. This will hopefully be changed to the 8 miler soon, most TA Infantry units seem to have a adapted this anyway.

There are other test such as ACFT (Advanced combat fitness test) which you may be refering to, 2.4km in under 15 mins with full CEFO.I believe that is a best effort test
I remember the ACFT, trialled it years ago but too many failed and was considered too hard, I actually preferred it, 1 hr hard work is better than 2 hours wandering aimlessly in the cudds

1.5 miles in 9mins 8O 8O I think I managed 9:10 once when I was a nipper, at my age I'lld need rocket fuel
wellyhead said:
I remember the ACFT,
1.5 miles in 9mins
are you sure youve got your timings right there?
1.5 miles in 9 mins!! the majority of people knock out a BPFA in longer than that!!

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