Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by long, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know what are the numbers (press ups and sit ups) and run time needed for a 36 year old male to get 300 on the BPFA?

  2. thats a fine pdf, especially as i've seen or heard nowt about MATT's, but there isnt a breakdown of the red amber green scoring, ie if you do the 46 pressups and situps, get to 10.2 on the MSFT, is that a green with 300 points?
  3. whitemouse75 said...
    There's no red/amber/green breakdown as the new PFT is either pass or fail - if you don't get the minimum score then you have failed and must re-sit within 7 days. If you fail again then it's onto Remedial PT until you can pass.
  4. excellent, i fcuking hated all that traffic light shit. remedial is the way ahead for all the sloths who cant pass.
  5. With the new MATT testing I have heard that the TA CFT is changing to be 6miles and not 4. Is this true or is this a plan for the future?

  7. The link shows the minimum needed. Does anyone know the scores needed to achieve maximum points.
  8. Again, as it's pass/fail there are no points allocated to different scores - though i'm sure it won't be long before our Sgt Muscles comes up with a system to regularly prove that all members of the APTC are gods amongst men...
  9. The cft is going upto 6 miles in 2007 and upto 8 in 2008 to bring us into line with the regulars.
  10. I've heard that is it definately 6 miles in 1 hour and 30 minutes. However, I also hear if you're going to be deployed anytime soon you'll need to do 8 miles, however I am not sure of the time limit.

    Is it just my squadron or does everyone get 4 days pay for completing the 6 miles in the necessary time? There's been talk of that here, though I have yet to hear confirmation of it. However, if it is true I wouldn't mind doing that. What an easy 4 days pay.
  11. About time it went up!!! Brings more fitness in to the reserves!! Also might help get rid of the bounty hunters in the ta!!
  12. with regard to the cft for the reserves we are going full circle . About 10ish years ago it used 8miles in 2hrs as per the regular army, but some wit decided to reduce it to 4miles although carrying slightly more kit.
  13. Yes, I agree barry, . Keep it the same and the regs will have more respect. One Sgt. in the RGJ TA once told me some guys didn't pass the CFT and threatened him physically when he told em they weren't getting bounty
    !!! A**holes!!!
  14. Surely 8 miles in 2 hours, 4 miles in 1 hour or even 1 mile in 30 mins with all your kit is a BASIC requirement whether Regular TA or Reserve. I am a regular soldier who HAS to complete at least 2 CFT (8 Miles) every year, If i run the f*cker can I have a bonus????? Didnt think so!!!
    Pay the TA, Reserves extra cash for completing the very basic of tests, £20 for putting on a first field dressing, £30 for bringing your respirator with you. If you want extra money at least carryout the ICFT. F*ck it give them a fiver for ironing thier kit.