Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ARMY_MAD, Feb 13, 2006.

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    ARMY_MAD Old-Salt

    Hey guys

    Can any one tell me what the BPFA is?

  2. sandy_boots

    sandy_boots War Hero

    Basic Personal Fitness Assessment - note the word assessment, its not a test unlike the BFT (Basic fitness test) which it replaced.

    ARMY_MAD Old-Salt


    Do you know whats involved?
  4. if u search this site u will find the answer...... but ure lucky im bored so i will tell u..

    as many SITUP'S as u can do in 2 mins
    as many PRESSUP'S as u can do in 2 mins
    and RUN 1.5miles (2.4km) as fast as u can.

    thats it basically.
  5. AF1771

    AF1771 LE

    ahh so it's a Basic assesment then? :)
  6. tjh148

    tjh148 Crow

    So it's a Basic Assessment for Personal Fitness is it? I know why don't we call it the Basic Personal Fitness Assessment and we can call it the BPFA?
  7. two-four-albert

    two-four-albert War Hero

    So why do guys go on remedial PT for 3 weeks at my unit if you don't achieve a green???? Surely thats a test!
  8. to remind them that they are an embarassment?
  9. I heard today, that as from April it will be a test again, with pass or fail. If it will be a different format I don't know, but maybe more lardies will be on remedial as a result.

    Can any PT Corps types outhere confirm this ?
  10. two-four-albert

    two-four-albert War Hero

    I agree that Tubbylardcake and co are an embarresment, but if you cant quite achieve you press up score because of an injury (ie shoulder thats had lots of ops) however come in nerly 2.5 mins under your allowance on the run and blitz your sit ups I don't think your an embarresment, surely there should be some flex???????
  11. Not PT Corps, hence my ability to type this with my fingers and not my kuckles!

    Yes it is to be a test again though!

  12. oldagecrafty

    oldagecrafty Clanker

    Once Yearly

    18-30 30-35

    2.5km run 10:30 mins 11:00 mins

    press-ups 44 40
    in 2 mins

    sit-ups 44 40
    in 2 mins

    Also 8-mile tab carrying relevant weight dependant on Regiment/Corps etc in less than 2 hours, this occurs twice yearly.
  13. two-four-albert

    two-four-albert War Hero

    What about the +35 coffin dodgers??
  14. Barnes

    Barnes Swinger

    Soon to be a test again when it becomes the PFT (Personal fitness test) as part of the new MATTS (Military annual training tests) replacing ITDs on 1 Apr this year. Its still the same requirements though me thinks it has become a test once more to give some leverage against those who fail.
  15. hurryupandwait

    hurryupandwait Old-Salt

    About time too. Either the 2.4km run or a Multi Stage Fitness Test (MSFT or Bleep Test) can be used alongside the usual press up / sit up criteria. For more info, go to the Serving Soldier link on the Army website www.army.mod.uk