BPFA!! why cant we read!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by evilone, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. Why does the Army have a non specific fitness test, which is an assesment and then fail people.

    I have had soldiers go to Grantham a be RTU'ed for failing the run. I then find out that there has been a change in policy that the BPFA is now pass or fail for TA recruits. Why have a full set of PTI's and not offer some remedial trg like the Regs would get????

    Again the one Army concept is really working!!!!
  2. CGS

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  3. Because we don't want fat fcukers.

    Regular recruits remedial training is done over days and weeks. TA soldiers cannot be kept hanging around until they are fit enough. If the TA lads are committed enough they should go home, get fit, come back.

    As for "one Army concept". Never heard of it. Can't see why we need one, quite frankly, as we expect different things from our Regular and TA soldiers. Anyway, I won't get drawn on that one...

  4. A fitness test that involves sit ups ..we are told ...to test abdominal muscle strength.

    Do " they" not realise that once you raise the torso over an angle of 30 degrees you are exercising your hip flexors, not your abdominal muscles...and also placing excessive strain on your lower back....further increasing the risk of injury.

    A really nice test for those who want to stay fit and healthy. Not.
  5. One thing noticed regarding CMS(R) is the shifting standards between training establishments. Grantham is at one end of the scale known for being pretty relaxed but you come out with the skills, Lichfield at the other has them coming out with a hatred or fear of anything with a stripe on them (well disciplined and pretty fit/broken though).

    Fitness standards, when I attended CMS(R) I had to get green or be binned, however I know people who have come back and still come in at 11 or 12mins. I think it depends on the mood and particular training team dicked for that course.

    CMS(R) is there to teach the core skills, however there is still time to train the soldiers afterwards, and so if they are not quite coming in on the times required or of adequate strength then note it on the report and carry on- as long as it's not taking the absolute piss (i.e they walk in smiling half an hour after everyone else with a pie and a ca of coke). There's plenty of opportunity for remidial PT on a drill night/weekend and during the course. After all these people have taken time off work and sacrificed other comitments to come along and so most of them take it pretty seriously.

    Actually from what I've observed from the CMS(R) system it's still quite messed up, half the DS can't have even read the syllabus! This is a fitness discussion but if anyone wants to bring up the other areas then PM or start a thread elsewhere.
  6. Gents

    I must admit I have a grudge against the Army over fitness. There is nothing I like better than a good workout. Its just that through severe injury I cannot run as fast as the next bloke, but I more than make up for it in other areas.

    I am thoroughly cheesed off with being downgraded. I joined up very fit and I want to do my 22 and leave .....fit and healthy.

    I have been trying for years to get my injuries sorted, various civilian medical authorities have diagnosed the injury. I have informed the Doc in the Med Center....only to get the reply...."What makes you think you know ?"....or "You are a soldier - go away and live with it. "

    I am sure I am not the only Soldier in this situation...can anyone help me out on this ?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Until they are mobilised together for the same operation.

  8. Fella's! perhaps its time to get a grip of yourselves!!

    A BPFA is a BASIC personal fitness accessment! BASIC!!!!

    If you are having troubles doing the ARMY BASIC test then perhaps you should try some other vocation!!

    If you cant do the BASIC test then how do you expect to pass any of the other tests!!! ( all manner of CFT's )

    And as for being on the biff! Well you obviously are not robust enough, so again another vocation maybe more suitable for you!!

    WRVS are always looking for people!!!

    And before you start gobing off about being 'Big Boned' or 'Hyper active glands' (you fat c@nts) Im over 30, just shy of 14 stone and still has 2.30 spare on my BPFA!!!!!!!!! No F@cking Excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Dear Mollzers,

    I am not going to come out with any of the classic excuses, like being big boned or having hyperactive glands.

    In the Army we teach First Aid. If when I injured myself, the Staffy in charge of the Fitter Section had practised what he had been taught, I would not be in this situation today.

    I am asking for serious advice on how to reolve the situation.

    What should a Soldier do when he has been injured and nobody will listen to him?

    Can you recommend a course of action to get the Soldier fit again, in order that he can complete his 22 years service?


  10. I fully agree, MSR. Maybe this example will illuminate my statement.

    Regular soldiers are expected to be on the ball, ready to deploy pretty much all of the time. Eg, if you serve in an Armoured Brigade, you know that you will be off on holiday at least once every 3 years. Therefore, we need soldiers who are always there or thereabouts, collectively trained up to CT5.

    We expect different things of our TA soldiers and Reservists. They will often be deployed as augmentees with very little notice and little time to reach the standards of Regulars who have been through the training year and reached CT5.

    Do we expect the same things of our Regs and Reserves? Absolutely not.
  11. Yeah. Cut out the doughnuts, fatbody. :wink: :D
  12. Not any more we don't, it's now 'Battlefield Casualty Drills' where we are told that we can't mess around saving someone's life with CPR or EAR as it's a wast of time in a 'Battlefield' situation, but they spend 10 minutes on the correct way to empty a female casualty's top pockets so as not to offend.... What a load of bollox!

    Now if people are worried by the standard of fitness in the army today, fine. But I'm a lot more worried by the standard of 'First Aid' when we find ourselves out on training areas messing around with dangerous kit miles from any road and the only 5 helicopters that army have left are grounded due to a shortage of spares or fuel.

    Then the young tw4t that you do send for help walks because he's not fit enough to run a couple of miles without stopping!
  13. Gentlemen,

    Please, I dont eat doughnuts. I have done 17 years service, so I guess I am not a young tw4t either.
  14. Doughnut, you are not the younf tw4t I was refering to.
  15. Plant-Pilot,

    Not a problem. Its just that after all this time I am very sensitive over the whole issue. I have had a civilian sports physiotherapist diagnose the injury within minutes. "The Army" has taken well over 6 years and not had any success.

    People are now questioning my ability and integrity as a Soldier. I want to do my 22 because I believe in the value of professionalism. How on earth do I get the situation sorted out?