BPFA test or assesment

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stevie_The_pioneer, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. time to clear this up once and for all
    me and a few guys in our tac have been bursting our balls trying to get times under 10:30 for going on CIC
    but was just informed that as it is a basic fitnes assesment and not a test that u canot fail at catterick no matter what time u do the run in i was told it just gets logged as haveing poor fitnes that needs improvment
    anyone who can clear this up
    the help is appreciated as the messages at tac are mixed psi ses we cant fail on a run and some of the jocks say u can
    many thanks
  2. stevie,

    When I went away for my CIC, myself and the others from my battalion on the course were told we had to get greens in everything before we were allowed to go. Whether everyone did I'm not sure...

    At catterick, there were a lot of people who didn't get green on one or more of the elements, but I no-one was RTUd as a result.

    I got a run time of 10:18 or thereabouts and my pl comd was quite critical though! Obviously if infantry need to be fit as butcher's dogs...My report didn't mention the BPFA, but they did say my battle fitness needed work.

    But hey, who's going to be in good shape after F+M up a cliff face?

    Word of advice - it looks like you're travelling down from Scotland (correct me if wrong!), ie a bl00dy long way - don't do what I did and have a cr@p night's sleep and smoke a million fags on the seven-hour journey up to Catterick, because the BPFA is the FIRST thing you do off the bus...and the course is like the north face of the Eiger...

    Good luck!

  3. I've just tried a reasoned and explanatory response.

    Its an assessment, so there is no pass or fail. But a lot of people equate the "green" grade with "pass" on the old BFT (Battle Fitness Test). This has passed down to people who never took part in a BFT.

    So both are right. Stay in the green if you can
  4. yeah thats correct i am traveling fro scotland and its cool i dont smoke just got a few guys worried about gettin RTU's especialy when they are doing the run in crazy times like 14 40 and stuff

    i am aware that as it is an assesment i dont believe they can fail you on the run cos lets face it if your a great soldier in the field and can tab for britain who cares if u can do a mile and a half cos u aint never going to be in middle of iraq in pt kit

    was just checking no one will be getting RTUd
  5. so just to be exact so i can report back to these guys not to worry they will not be RTU'd for not completing the run the the relevant time
    cos these guys are compitant soldiers in all other areas besides this
  6. Have you moany f*ckers heard yourselves? For christs sake, it's not exactly a hard test. Personal pride should get you accross that line in well under 10 minutes.

    Stop mincing about, trying to define whether it's a test or an assessment, and get your fat arrses outside and running.
  7. They might get a deferred pass if they are well outside the green standard, obviosuly fitness is very important.
    But like you say, the BPFA is only one aspect of fitness. It's more than likely to get mentioned in their end of course report if they are way off the pace.

  8. No stevie you cannot. Speak to the DS in your Ph1 Trg Wing and they will advise you of the current standard. Just because it is an assessment does not mean that it cannot be used as the benchmark for a test no matter what the barrack room lawyers might say.

    If the instruction was to state that "There will be a fitness test and the pass mark will be a green on the BPFA" then you are stuffed. More stuffed than if you pull your eejit stunt in the barrack block again as I'm sure you have realised that people are watching you now.

    Of course, I have no idea what your instruction says (allegedly ;)) so my advice to you remains: speak to your DS - they are the ONLY people who can give you a definitive answer.
  9. well after speaking to our PSI i was informed that it was an assessment and that it will be written on end of course asses that it was poor performance on fitness these people i speak of know they are poor in there fitness they just do not want to go all way down to catterivk to get RTU'd
    that is all i am asking what are chances of getting RTU'd if you get an inadiquate time on the 1.5 mile
  10. Then Abacus has answered your question.

    If it was me (thankfully for you and your biffs, it isn't), anyone who fails to get Green, would get binned.

    We had a girl get RTU'd on day one (twice) for failing her run and that was at an RLC remf training centre. Infantry guys should be ashamed of themselves, if they can't meet the standards.
  11. Stab,

    You're right, but some people can't run for shiite...I was really angry with the time I got, but I know (now) it was because I was monging. I think CIC was the best motivation I ever had to get out there and do some hard graft to get fitter. Probably because I looked (and sounded) like a beached whale after the final platoon attack...
  12. If the BPFA is just an assessment then the question needs to be asked, why do people get binned from RMAS if they don't get a Green? The BPFA itself may be just be a benchmark, but it can be linked to any number of 'sins' which can get your RTU'd. The most common one being that if you can't pass the BPFA (especially at a young age) after knowing for three (?) months (time from walking into the TA centre to arriving at your Sp to Arms cse) that you are going to need to pass it then you're not displaying the commitment.

    Come on guys... if you're under 35, you can go from Zero to Hero in three months easy...
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    How can you describe them as competant soldiers with 1.5 mile times of 14.40?
  14. yeah i totaly agree about fitness i am busting my ass to get my times down
    in time for cattrick but as i say looking for some sort of reasurance i can go back and give these guys
    they are panicing big style about it i got a time my self of 12'45 but that is on the flat so am busting to get it as cattrick bpfa is not on the flat
  15. ^Might I suggest a pm to Sweatysock - he knows your PSI very well indeed. And then might I suggest getting your pt kit on and going for a run - plenty of time between now and your CIC to get well inside the required time. Same applies for everyone in your intake and I know FOR A FACT that you have all been advised of this.

    BTW, if the RLC at Grantham RTU recruits for missing the cut-off time on the run, how soft do you think CIC at Catterick is going to be?