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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RECRUIT_G, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. Could anyone tell me the answer to the following.

    I have done my BPFA once on a recruit selction weekend. I got Red on the run.
    I have managed to get the run time down and think I could pass it now so was happy to hear
    I could do it again this weekend. However BPFA this weekend is a Beep Test instead of the 1.5 Mile run.

    If I was to get Green this weekend would that go on my record as having passed the BPFA?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Yes it would. Just remember the BFPA is no more, it is now the Personal Fitness Test (PFT) and you need to achieve the old green standard of the BPFA to pass.

  3. Thanks MSR > :lol:
  4. Is there any difference between the two "tests"??
  5. One's an assessment, one's a test?
  6. Was hoping for just a little more than that :wink:
  7. Personal Fitness Test's acronym sounds like a fart?
  8. Its more in the name BPFA (Basic Personal Fitness Assessment and Personal Fitness Test.

    An assessment cant be failed were as a test can be. The standards are a little higher 40 pressups and 45 sit ups in BPFA and 45 pressups and 50 situps in the PFT. No change in the run times.

  9. Same standards for 40 + ?
  10. Not sure, tho think it may be. Got the info on my home computer. Pretty sure that they get about 3 days and a packed lunch or the run though :wink:

  11. Is level 10.4 a green?
    Also how many shuttles are in a level?
    Never counted myself.
  12. SMR, the situation is that the old 'Green' standards for the BPFA are now the pass standards for the PFT. So, for a male under 30, the pass standard is: - 44 x press ups, 50 x sit ups and the 2.4km in 10mins 30. Note that this is not a change from the old 'green' standard so if you were told that you had a green pass before with 40 press ups and 45 sit ups, I'm afraid that you were lied to!

    Also, there are several threads on this topic, I think in this forum and in Health & Fitness - look them up. You will also find the new MATTs documents on the British Army website. Hope this helps.

  13. Its about 10 or 12 per level. And again of the top of my head its about level 10 give or take. Level 12.6 is 100pts if I remember. Will post when I get home.

  14. thats my kind of test :lol: