Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by blindpew, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. i can max 100 on both pressups and situps, but i have problems with the run.

    i always have done.

    the fastest ive ever ran it( a few years back) was 9.50.

    now its 11.15 ish and even though i run several times a week i cant seem to get this down. im in a sedentary job at the moment which just doesnt help the situation.

    im pretty strong, do a fair amount of weights and circuit training, at which i am better than most of my peers. i dont find cft's a problem, and usually put in substantially more weight into my bergen. i dont have fitness issues in the field either.

    im 5.9, 13 stone,(lean not fat), and 29.

    i was recently told that i was an embarrassment because im over 1030. and even though im good at my job, my cr will undoubtedly suffer.

    does this tme of 1115 make me a bad soldier, and do you have suggestions?

    even though i am embarrassed about this it was quite humiliating.

    ive tried adding in hill reps to my training, sprint intervals, and longer runs without too much success, and my diet is fairly good.

    i would like to crack 1030 before i actually reach 30 and get an extra 30 secs.

    thanks for any help.
  2. I suggest you cut down on the circuits and weights since there is not a problem with your sit ups and press ups, and get the running up to speed. I would consentrate more on interval training, starting with about 3 miles, 1 min 70% then 2 min jog for the first week, then the second week try 1 min 70% then 1 min jog, its hard work, but if you are not feeling sick you ain't trying. I have trained people who have come to me with 12 min+ on their run and turned them around in 3 weeks training by this method. I am sure you will get plenty of good advice here. Good luck :wink:
  3. Get on a treadmill and cane it for as fast as you can for 10:30.

    Do this every other day and you WILL get faster and faster.

    Then hit the streets .....
  4. Several times a week only enough to maintain current fitness, not enough to improve on it.

    Speak to a PTI for a training programme and accept that you will need to train most days to get your time down.
  5. The sprint training that ducati reccoments really does work.. Though i use lampposts and sprint between 2, then 3 then 4 as weeks prgress. I find it easier to do distance rather than time. Due to med probs (no PT for about 12 weeks) my time went really bad. Almost 13 minutes, of which i really stressed over, but a couple of weeks of that interval training and i got sub 1030 and then on. But its also true that you really have to push, if you can walk straight away afterwards, you not going hard enough, and if your not throwing up, not hard enough. It is a great idea to get someone with you to beast you otherwise you can slack off the pace.

  6. I've found that long runs generally help to improve the distance you can run at the pace you run them at, and I found that while I was knocking out plenty of 3 - 6 mile runs a week and a steady pace, when I came to condense all that power into a 1.5m sprint I came up short on energy really quickly.

    The best thing to do is to chop and change your running methods so that you include both long runs for endurance and speed runs for pure bursts of energy at your maximum speed.

    Try working in two "speed work-outs" into your weekly training schedule which consists of the following:

    : Find a 100m track (to start) - if you can't find a track - use the length of a football pitch.
    : Sprint for 100m, then jog back taking no more than 60 seconds to do the return journey.
    : Do this 8 times, 8 sprints up each followed by a jog back.
    : Your legs should be reduced to jelly (and you might feel like throwing up!)
    : If you don't then try increasing the length of the distance you sprint from 100m to 150m and so on (50m a time) until you are suitably fcuked after each work-out.

    Two of these a week with your longer runs should see you bring your BPFA times down in no time! I've been doing these for about a month now and I'm down from 10:30 to 9:13 :D
  7. Thirteen stone at 5,9" is fairly chunky. Even if it is muscle rather than fat, you are unlikely to be able to increase your speed until you drop a few pounds.
  8. Yeah, you're probably 6ft and 9st soaking wet with a run time of 7mins!! No need to drop body mass I'm 5'10 and 15st with a time of sub 10min, well above green on the sits and presses and I'm 38. Keep working hard at the routine that fits you best and with the right amount of determination you will get there.
  9. that weight aint a problem im 5ft5 and 12.5 stone and im a sub 945 man try running 2 miles regulary quick time should go down
  10. Interval training is how I got my time down... I went from 12 mins + to 10.15 - 10.30, and my last BPFA was 09.13 and I reckon I could have gone faster. Interval training really does work. Other good advice on here was to cut down on the weights and focus in on the problem. Going over the 100 on Sit-Ups and Press Ups is all well and good, but if your failing your BPFA on your runs the action required is pretty obvious.

    Incidentally, I'm the same height/weight as you, a bit too much tyre round the middle and 35 years old.
  11. Close, I'm 5'11" 10st 8lb, just turned 39 on Sunday and my run time is 8.45. I could probably manage 10.30 wearing wellies and playing the banjo. :wink:
  12. That's it. Sanders, you can be my hero.

    PS I'm 5'1", 11st, about 45 and my run time is 17.02 (8.43 if pursued by FemBots)

  13. Do I get to wear tights and a cape?
  14. Yes! Contrary to what they say in the Incredibles, capes are in, in, in this season!
  15. who actually gives a toss??

    when was the last time you operationally needed to cover a mile and a half in 10 mins 30 secs.

    In 22 years of service i know that i never did.

    I still fail to understand the importance of this test. I understand that physical fitness is paramount to service but why 1.5 miles in 10 mins 30 secs.